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SnoFall Gear Is A Snowboarding Blog Based Out Of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Owner Is An Avid Snowboarder Who Became An Instructor. Twice A Year He’ll Hit Colorado Up For Some Intense Shredding. 

Our Company Is Focused Primarily On Reviewing Gear, And Making Trick Tutorials. Make Your Season Epic.

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SnoFall Gear Tips & Tricks

My Snowboarding Tips And Tricks Blog Is Focused On Teaching, Training, And Fine Tuning Your Epic Snowboard Skills. Everyone Has Something They Can Get Better At. 

When You Take On The Mountain. Make Sure You’re Ready For It. I’ll Be Covering The Basics Of Snowboarding First. Then, I’ll Go A Little Bit Deeper By Posting Some More Advanced Trick Tutorials. 

A Cabin On The Mountain

SnoFall Gear Reviews

At SnoFall Gear We Want To Write Extensive Gear Reviews So You Can Be The Most Informed When Making Your Next Purchase.

Whether You Ride Park Or All Mountain, Our Goal Is To Write Exactly What We Experienced Good Or Bad. 

GNU With Capo Bindings
Epic Bindings On An Old GNU

We Also Will Be Writing Snowboard Resort Reviews. We’ve Got A Few Favorites On The Blog Already. Click Here To Read Those.

What Is SnoFall Gear?

Elijah Sterling Is A Snowboard Instructor Who Snowboards In The Neighborhood Of 50+ Days A Year. Most Of The Time In Minnesota (It Sucks I Know), But Occasionally He’s Able To Hit Up Colorado.

He’s Been A Snowboarder For The Better Part Of A Decade, And Visits Colorado At Least Twice A Year. With Hope He’ll Be Visiting Montana And Utah For The Upcoming Season.

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Snowboard Tricks

Are You Having Trouble Landing That One Epic Trick. I’m Going To Be Adding Snowboard Trick Tutorials As Time Goes On. Stay Tuned And If You Have Questions, Or Requests Reach Out.

Snowboard Help

I’m Going To Be Adding How To Snowboard Blog Posts As Time Goes On. Next Season Make Sure You Check Things Out If You’re Wanting To Learn The Basics Of Snowboarding

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