Anon Balaclavas: How To Stay Warm While You Shred

Anon Balaclavas are a must-have item when you’re shredding in Minnesota, or a mountain in Colorado. They keep your face warm, and your goggles unclouded, and overall they’re an amazing investment. I’ve got a couple of them, and I’m looking to buy 1 or 2 more.

I might have a problem.

They’ve been something that I’ve always had my eyes on. They just look epic. I’m a huge fan of the hooded Anon balaclavas, mostly because of how awesome they look.

In addition to that, the MFI technology (Stands for Magnetic Face Integration) is compatible with most Anon Goggles. This is perfect because I have quite a few pairs of them. This means your goggles will connect to the facemask keeping the mask on your face and making a seal. This seal keeps the cold air out, and the warm air in.

That sounds heavenly to me.

This works with most Anon Goggles, as long as they have MFI tech built into them. I’ll place some links below, however, I have written some blog posts on some of their more popular models. Likie the Anon M3 & The Anon WM3.

Anon Balaclavas: Some Of The Basic Stats:

  • They Are Form fitting Which is Great For Warmth And Field Of View
  • The Goggles Are Compatible with the M3, M2, Relapse, and the Relapse Junior (All Anon Goggles).
  • The M4 and Sync google require the (gray) XL carrier for optimal fit. (Because of Size Differences)
  • Every Balaclava Is Machine washable I Wash My Face Masks Regularly, Otherwise, It’s Gross.
  • The Fabris Is Called Polartec┬« Power Grid™ Which is lightweight and durable. It’s also Fast-Drying.
  • Anon Balaclavas Come With A Lifetime Warranty From Anon (link provided)
Anon Balaclavas

I personally like these because it’s a no-brainer. A few years back I was riding in the back bowl of Vail, and it was freezing. I’d forgotten my usual facemask, but that probably wouldn’t have cut it on that day. So instead I paid an arm and a leg on the mountain for a face mask.

It was worth it since I could keep shredding, but I started to take a hard look at face masks that day. I really like these Anon Balaclavas.

If you’re really thinking of getting one, I’d suggest two. A lightweight one and a heavier one. I have the same philosophy for snowboarding jackets. The heavier ones are for colder days and the light ones when it’s 26 degrees and sunny, although sometimes I’m in a hoodie when it’s warmer.

You might not need an Anon Balaclava in 26-degree weather. However you have to remember that mountain weather changes really fast, and the temp on the summit is never the temp in the valley.

Anon Balaclavas

I remember a few years back waiting in line at a resort and I was dying of heat. It sucked, but 20 minutes and 3 chairlifts later, it was below 0 temperatures.

The moral of this story is to always have an Anon Balaclava in your pocket, backpack, or some other way to have one with you on the mountain. Having a frozen face is one of the quickest ways to quit riding for the day, and I know once I go inside to warm up, it gets very hard to get me back outside.

The trick is to always have the right gear on, so you don’t have to be uncomfortable.

So did we get it right? Let us know what you think about Anon Balaclavas in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe too.

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Anon Balaclavas

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