Anon Deringer Snow Goggles; See With Clarity.

Anon Deringer is a snow goggle built for Women. They are relatively inexpensive when comparing to the Anon WM1 or even the WM3.

This doesn’t mean they won’t excel when you’re on the mountain. On the contrary, the snow goggles are built with proven technology and streamlined from years of practice. Keep in mind that Anon is owned by Burton, but their goggles aren’t priced too horribly. I like their quality, and none of mine have ever let me down.

If you’re looking for something that won’t damage your wallet, these might be the goggles for you.

Anon Deringer Women’s Snow Goggle Stats:

These snow goggles contain the always great MFI technology. This means these goggles will connect magnetically to certain Anon Balaclavas.

In addition to that, they are built for OTG (over the goggles). This means you can wear these goggles over your glasses. They are cylindrical in shape but give you wall-to-wall vision. And they also have a PERCEIVE lens which provides high contrast vision and terrain defining clarity.

Add a full perimeter vent channel to maximize air flow, and you’ve got an epic pair of goggles.

My Thoughts On These Goggles:

I personally haven’t worn a pair of these goggles, my face tends to be too big and I can’t rock them. However, I really like all of the Anon Goggles I have worn. Whether I shred in a pair of M3’s or an epic pair of Relapses. I’ve always been fond of Anon.

In fact, my first pair of goggles were Anons. I learned to snowboard and during my 3rd week of shredding I was blessed with a powder day. So the other students and I went into a chalet and paid a ton of money for snow goggles (don’t buy from the chalet, prices are higher).

I loved those goggles and I’m pretty sure you will too.

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