Anon Insight; Inexpensive Quality Snow Goggles

Anon Insight Snow Goggles are durable and have excellent clarity. Personally, I don’t write about companies I don’t use or like. And Anon is a gem that I love to use.

Anon is owned by Burton, which says a lot about quality and longevity. They have a line of high-end Goggles, but at the same time they have some inexpensive goggles that are built with excellent quality.

If you’re looking for high-end goggles check out our review on the Anon WM3. These are their high-end women’s goggles and they excel in every way.

However, if you’re looking for something less expensive, you shouldn’t have to suffer. Anon Insight Goggles are built for comfort, quality, and are extremely durable.

Anon Insight Goggle Stats:

  • They Are Helmet Compatible
  • OTG Compatible (Over The Glasses)
  • Contain PERCEIVE Lens (high contrast vision and terrain defining clarity)
  • Integral Clarity Technology (Anti-Fog Tech)

These are some of the more potent tech built into these goggles, and there’s quite a bit more on their website too. With a pair of these goggles, you’ll be shredding through the backcountry and you’ll see everything. They don’t fog up and (depending on the lenses) they’ll help you find your path down the mountain.

A good pair of Snow Goggles can make or break your day on the mountain, and with the price point of the Anon Insight, you’ll be able to purchase an extra lift ticket or two.

That’s what I like to have, gear that works and it saves me money. Meanwhile, you’ll be out not worrying about your gear. It should just work.

That’s what you get with a pair of Anon Insight Snow Goggles. However they work, and they work well. The goggles might not have all the bells and whistles, but they will get the job done.

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