Anon M2 Goggles; When Shredding The Mountain, Have Perfect Clarity And Sight

Anon M2 Goggles are built with durability and great specifications. I personally like a good pair of Anon Goggles and mine have never let me down. If you can find them at a good price, you’re a blessed man or woman.

Anon is a company that Burton owns, and they sell goggles for skiing and snowboarding. Furthermore, if you’re looking for some high-end goggles getting a pair of Anon M2 goggles would be an epic addition to your snowboarding gear.

Check out some of the latest specs on them below.

Specs For Anon M2 Goggles:

  • They have a Unisex Frame Design
  • The Spherical Lens Optics Gives A Wider Range Of View
  • Goggles Have A Denser/Thinner Foam
  • They Are Helmet Compatible
  • MFI Technology
  • Usually Comes With A Bonus Lens
  • Plus Much More!!!!

If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while you’ll notice that I don’t push products, I tell you what they do, and how they perform. Anon makes a solid goggle, you can check out my review on Anon Snow Goggles if you don’t believe me.

MFI technology means the snow goggles have magnetic face mask integration. If you purchase an Anon Balaclava, there have built-in magnets that will automatically meld together.

That’s some awesome technology there.

In addition to that, these goggles come with MAGNA-TECH quick lens change technology. This means you won’t have to mess with rubber frames anymore and you can change out lenses with ease.

Personally I love the integration of these goggles and balaclavas. With a good integration you’ll stay warm and see clearly the next time you go shredding.

I know we’re in the off-season (at the time of my writing), but let me know how I did in the comments below. Did you agree with my review? Also, I’m putting some amazing links in this post, we make a small commission on each purchase from these links, and that helps us keep shredding and continue to make content.

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