Anon M3 Snow Goggles; See With Perfect Clarity On The Next Blue Bird Day.

Anon M3 Snow Goggles feature quick lens change technology that uses powerful magnets to make things easy. This means no more messing with rubber goggles that constantly have gaps.

I hate those goggles, they’ve wasted so much of my time.

Quick change tech is one thing but polarized lenses are another. A polarized lens will reduce glare and increase clarity. This means you shred harder, faster, and not hit anything…unless you aren’t paying attention. At the very least you’ll see it before you eat it.

If you do it right, these goggles will also come with a bonus lens. If you’re wanting to learn a little about lens colors check out my post on choosing the right goggles here.

Anon M3 Snow Goggle Stats

  • These Goggles Are Helmet Compatible
  • Fit Medium & Large Faces (A Smaller Version Is Available)
  • They Are OTG (Over The Glasses) Compatible
  • Triple Layer Foam
  • Cylindrical Lens.

Now I’ll admit, there’s a lot more to these goggles than I’m writing, and yes they cost a good amount more than other goggles I’ve written about. However, with an increase in price, you’ll get an increase in quality (at least for Anon Goggles).

Anon is a Burton-owned company. While I know a lot of people don’t like Burton, they do have good quality products, and Anon is no exception.

If you purchase these goggles, you’ll have an epic time, and I’d highly recommend them. My reasoning for this stems from the quality of goggles that Anon has, even if I’ve never worn the Anon M3 goggle.

Below Are Some Links To Anon M3 Snow Goggles For Sale On Amazon. Every Purchase From One Of The Links Below WillGive SnoFallGear A Small Commission. We in turn use this to keep writing more content, and it gives us the ability to continue shredding. Have an Awesome Day!!!

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