Anon Snow Goggles; A Review Of The Company And Its Epic Products.

My first set of goggles were an inexpensive pair of Anon Snow Goggles. I was learning to snowboard at Hyland hills in Minnesota, and we had a powder day.

I remember it was snowing so hard that I was not able to see, so my friends and I went to the hills ski shop and purchased some goggles.

Those goggles stayed with me for the better part of a decade and were retired only when I got a pair of Zionor snowboard goggles.

Anon M4 Snow Goggles:

These snowboarding goggles are cylindrical in shape and are part of Anons High-end Goggle line. I’d highly recommend getting a pair if you have the money.

The cylindrical shape means it curves horizontally, and they’re really well built. It comes in multiple colors and the lenses can be used for any light conditions.

A good rule of thumb follow the price of the item. The more expensive the goggle gets, it’ll have better quality.

Some Of The Epic Features For This High End Goggle:

  • They’re Build With A Precise Helmet To Goggles Fit
  • The Goggles Have Wall To Wall Vision For Optimal Optics
  • They Fit Medium To Large Faces
  • MFI Technology: Uses Magnetic Connection To Quickly Seal Your Face Mask Without Obstructing Ventilation.

While they tend to be more on the pricey side. The more you spend, the longer it lasts, and the better quality you’ll get. Check out a more in-depth post on the M4 Anon here and I’ll also put some links for you to get yourself a pair as well.

Anon M3 Snow Goggles:

These goggles are cylindrical as well. They’re the classic ski/snowboard look and they look really epic.

These less expensive than the M4 goggles, in fact, the M3 is just a more streamlined version. It doesn’t have the same bells and whistles, but the cost is definitely lower.

Some Of The M3’s Features:

  • The M3 Has A Magnetic Face Lens That Connects To A Magnetic Face Mask.
  • MAGNA-TECH quick lens change technologies use magnets to switch lenses out swiftly.
  • Over Glasses Compatability
  • Wall To Wall Vision
  • Unisex Frame Design.

As you can see the M3 is not a slouch for goggles. I personally have been debating between the M3 and the M4 for a while, and if I can find a discounted pair over the summer. You better believe I’ll be purchasing some.

I’ve written a full review on the Anon M3 Snow Goggles. Click the Link To check it out.

Anon M2 Snow Goggles:

The Anon M2 Snow Goggle is a streamlined version of the 3 & 4. The first thing you’ll notice is the price. It’s close to half of what the M4 is, but don’t let that stop you.

Even if you buy these, you’ll have an epic time on thee mountain.

Some Of The M2’s Features:

  • Unisex Frame Design
  • Triple-Layer Face Foam
  • Fits Medium To Large Faces
  • MFI Tech
  • OTG Compatible
  • MAGNA-TECH Quick Change Tech.

The more I look at goggles the more I realize that price and durability are the 2 defining factors. If you spend $50 on a pair of goggles they’ll last a little while.

However, if you spend $150-$300 on a pair of goggles. You’re making an investment that’ll last a long time.

Anon Snow Goggles have a wide range of lenses colors/types for you. Check Out My In depth Review Of them Here.

Anon Sync Snow Goggle

The Anon Sync Snow Goggle is another cylindrical-shaped snow goggle. It comes in a variety of different frames and lens colors. So make sure you purchase the ones that’ll work best for where you’ll be shredding.

Don’t forget, fashion should be the last item for you to look at. Make sure you look for function first. I’ll make your day on the mountain a lot easier.

Some Features Of These Goggles

  • Unisex Frame Design
  • Helmet Compatible.
  • Triple Layer Face Foam
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Frame
  • OTG Compatible
  • M-Fusion (Faster lens change/alignment)

Check Out My Full Review Of The Anon Sync Snow Goggle.

The Anon Relapse Goggle:

Now we’re getting into the more basic and affordable Anon Goggles. These goggles have a base price of around $120 (at the time of writing). They can be purchased inexpensively and used for a couple of years.

They have the same basic features as every other goggle I’ve already written about. While they don’t have all the major bells and whistles. They do what they’re supposed to do.

Protect your eyes from the sun, wind, rain, and snow.

Who can ask for more?

If you’d like to learn more about the Anon Relapse Snow Goggle Click On the Link.

Anon Helix Snow Goggles:

These are entry-level men’s snow goggles. If you’re just starting out getting your gear. Don’t purchase expensive goggles. Go for a pair of these and buy some extra lift tickets. You’ll want to save money so you can shred more.

However, if you’re an experienced rider, these will still suit you, but a more higher-end model will treat you well too. If you want to learn more about these goggles, check out my review on the Anon Helix Goggles.

Anon WM3 Snow Goggles:

The WM3 Snow goggle is the high-end women’s version of Anon Snow Goggles. They come with all the bells and whistles are durable, and they look pretty amazing.

The goggles will attach themselves to certain facemasks with magnets. This means you can take them on/off with ease. I can’t tell you how much I’d love to have a pair of these on the mountain.

In addition to that, the lenses come with MAGNA-TECH quick lens technology. This means you can change lenses out quickly and easily through the magic of magnets.

Goggle Perks:

  • MAGNA-TECH: Quick Change Your Lenses
  • PERCEIVE LENS – Gives YouHigh Contrast Vision On The Mountain
  • Hydrophobic And Oleophobic Coating To Protect From Smudges, Scratches, And Moisture.
  • OTG: Over The Glasses Technology.
  • Cylindrical Lens Shape: (Click The Link For Info On This)

The Anon WM3 Snow Goggle Is An Excellent Addition To Your Snowboarding Wardrobe. Check Out Our Full Review Of Them Here:

Anon WM1 Snow Goggles

The Anon WM1 Snow Goggle is a more streamlined version of the WM3. While it doesn’t have all the features it has some of the best ones.

  • They contain MFI technology. (Magnetic Facemask Integration)
  • MAGNA-TECH Quick Lens Change Technology
  • PERCEIVE lens providing high contrast vision and terrain-defining clarity.

The Anon WM1 snow goggle will give you an epic day on the mountain and with all the magnets you can easily change your lense or adjust your facemask.

Check out my full review on the WM1 Snow goggle here.

The Anon Deringer Snow Goggles

Anon Deringer is a cost-effective snow goggle. It does what it’s supposed to do, and is made for women and those with a smaller face.

The goggles themselves contain MFI technology. This uses magnets to seal the goggle with a facemask. This means you can easily lower and raise your mask.

I’d love one of these on a cold day up here in Minnesota.

Like Most Anon Snow goggles, they’re built to last and they’ll survive close to forever. Check Out my in-depth review of the Anon Deringer Here.

Anon Insight Snow Goggles

The final goggle on my list. They the most inexpensive and made for women or men with smaller faces. (Honestly, if you look at goggles you won’t know whether they’re made for men or women).

The anon insight is similar to the mens helix goggles. If you’re just starting out, these are the perfect ones for you.

Anon Tempest Snow Goggles:

The Anon Tempest is one of my favorite snow goggles. I think they look amazing, they’re sleek, and they have spherical lenses.

That is everything I look for in a google, except maybe ease of use and anti-fog tech.

The anon tempest is an inexpensive goggle with a lot of tech built into it. If you’re looking to save money and keep riding. You’ve found the right goggle here. Check Out My In-Depth Review On The Anon Tempest.

To Learn More About Goggle Selection. Check out my post about Picking The Right Snowboarding Lens.


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