Anon Sync Snow Goggles; Get Some Clarity And Shred In Style.

Anon Sync Snowboard Goggles are built to connect with the Anon Neckwarmer. In addition to that, they are helmet compatible as well.

This means the sync will connect to your head and neck without issue. Furthermore, that means you’ll be warm, and since your gear was made to work together flawlessly. You’ll never have a bad issue on the mountain.

I hope you never find yourself on a mountain summit, and your gear fails you.

It sucks.

Anon Sync Snowboard Goggle Details:

  • Unisex Frame Design
  • Wall To Wall Vision
  • Triple Layer Foam
  • Helmet Compatible
  • OTG (Over The Glasses Compatible)
  • PERCEIVE Lens Provides High Contrast Vision
  • Cylindrical Lens; Here’s A Blog Post About Different Lens Shapes.
  • Anti-Fog Technology
  • Better Vent System (Called Full Perimeter)
  • Anon Warranty

I’ve been a huge fan of Anon since my first pair of snowboarding goggles. They are owned by Burton, so if you’re not a fan of that company, check and see what your conscience will allow you to do.

I don’t have an issue with the company, my 2nd snowboard was a Burton Custom X. However I do feel they’re overpriced, but their quality is really good. So buy them on sale.

Snow Goggles That’ll Give You Clarity:

I’m a big fan of Anon and Smith Snowboarding Goggles. I’m never happy with paying a lot, but I’ve noticed with goggles that quality increases with price.

This means the more you pay, quality will increase, this is in regards to Anon and Smith. The Anon Sync Goggles have clear lenses and are built to sync with anon neck warmers and helmets.

I’ve always felt they have great quality and excellent builds. They rarely fog up and they maintain their clarity for a long time.

Finally, if you’re looking for an excellent pair of goggles, you should check these out. They come in a number of different lens colors and frames, and they’re not going to break the bank.

If You’re Interested In Purchasing A Pair Of These Goggles, I’ve Placed Some Links To Amazon Below: Keep In Mind That Every Purchase From These Links Earns Us A Small Commission. This Helps Us To Keep Shredding, And Writing More Content About Shredding.

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