Anon Tempest; Beautiful, Stylish, and Sexy Snow Goggles

The Anon Tempest Snow Goggle Is Anons Entry Level Snow Goggle. Anon is owned by Burton and has been in the goggle industry for years.

These goggles are built to be stylish and functional, in addition to that they’re inexpensive which is amazing! I love a good pair of Anon Goggles. Mostly because they just work. I’ve never had a bad experience with them.

The Anon Tempest might be on the inexpensive side, but it still carries some excellent tech on it.

Anon Tempest Statistics:

  • MFI Technology: (Magnetic Facemask Integration)
  • PERCEIVED lens gives high-contrast vision.
  • Wall To Wall Vision Design
  • Integral Clarity Tech: (basically this is Anti-fog technology and it works)
  • Spherical lenses

I’m a huge fan of spherical lenses. In fact, most of the goggles I wear have that type of lens. It works best for me, and I’ve never had an issue with them. This is why I always recommend them.

If you buy these and purchase a matching helmet and Face Mask you will be set for the next season.

With Magnetic Face Mask integration and helmet compatibility, you might find it hard to notice that you’ve gone outside. And who wouldn’t want that feeling on the mountain? For someone who rides in below 0 temperatures regularly, that sounds like a Godsend.

My first pair of Anon Snow Goggles were purchase the 3rd time I went snowboarding. It was snowing hard and my friends and I couldn’t see the trail in front of us.

Instead of quitting, we all went into the shop and each of us purchased an overpriced pair of snow goggles.

I say overpriced because I bought them at a ski resort, everything is overpriced there.

In Conclusion:

The Anon Tempest is an inexpensive snow goggle that will make your day on the mountain excellent. While Anon isn’t the cheapest pair of snow goggles around, they do have some of the best quality goggles.

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