Anon WM1; Quality Snow Goggles For Women

The Anon WM1 Snow Goggle Is a high-quality snow goggle built for women and men with smaller faces. In all actuality, the biggest difference between Men’s and Woman’s Goggles is about size.

If you have a smaller face, it might be better to go after a pair of Asian fit goggles. Even a pair of woman’s goggles would work for you too. Most people won’t even know the difference. Honestly, these goggles are durable, look great, and give you clarity of sight.

While the price tag is higher than some of the other goggles I’ve written about (Zionor Anyone). These goggles are well worth the money you’ll spend on them.

Anon is a company that is owned by Burton and while some people don’t like the cost of Burton gear. Nobody complains about their quality. In fact, I know a lot of people who talk about the quality of gear they put out.

Anon WM1 Snow Goggle Stats:

The Anon WM1 is similar to the WM3 in price and they both have MFI technology built into them. In addition to that, they are part of The anon-line with Magna–tech quick lens change technology.

I know that’s a mouthful to say, but basically these goggles carry magnets.

You can use a magnet to connect an Anon facemask to the Goggle. And they utilize magnets to attach lenses to goggle frames. This means you can swap lenses out fast and you won’t miss out on any shred time.

In addition to that, you won’t be wasting time trying to fill in that last area of the frame. (I hate rubber frames when switching lenses out.) Who wants to be messing with their goggles on a powder day?

They have cylindrical goggle frames and have OTG (over the glasses) technology.

If you’re looking for an epic pair of snow goggles. I’d like to recommend the Anon WM1. It’ll be a great pair to add to your arsenal. I’d highly recommend them.

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