Anon WM3 Snow Goggle; High End, Durable, And Clear.

The Anon WM3 Snow Goggles is high-end eye protection for women. They are the flagship of the Anon line, and they look beautiful.

From the frames to the lens you’ll find comfort, durability, and style.

Anon itself is owned by Burton, and while I usually have an issue with their pricing, I don’t have the same issue with Anon.

Generally speaking in the field of snow goggles, you’ll find that the more you pay, the quality increases. I know that sounds silly, but they put more time, effort, and new technology into their newer products. While the older products are still good, they just have older technology that has been tried and true.

Anon WM3 Snow Goggle Statistics:

  • They’re Designed To Fit Slightly Smaller Faces
  • Contain MAGNA-TECH quick lens change technology (it uses magnets to hold lenses in place. Switch them out fast.
  • PERCEIVE lens provides high contrast vision and clarity.
  • Cylindrical In Shape (If Your Confused, I Explain Lens Shape In Another Post Here)
  • Major Improvements In Foam For Comfort
  • No-Slip Silicone On The Straps
  • OTG: Over The Glasses
  • MFI: Magnetic Goggle To Facemask Kit

Obviously over at Anon, it seems like they’re falling in love with magnets. The lenses have quick-change technology where magnets hold them in place, and on cold days (or for covid protection) you can use their MFI technology.

MFI stands for Magnetic Facemask Integration. This means the mask will connect to your goggles and you can pull it down whenever you need to.

I’m looking to get a pair of M4s for this next season, as they’re the male version of these goggles. However, the only real difference between the two goggles is the facial size they cover.

Don’t forget to check out our blog post on Anon, We cover every goggle they make there.

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