How To Choose The Right Snowboarding Pants?

Who makes the best snowboard pants is a debate that can get really heated. In reality, there’s a lot of factors that come into play. Personally, I love a DC brand of snow pants. They’re called Banshee’s and are super comfortable.

Whatever pair you get, you have to understand that the conditions are going to be variable. An insulated pair of snow pants in January are amazing. However you wear those same snow pants in mid March, and you’ll be dying of heat exhaustion.

I wrote an article awhile back breaking down the different stats of snow pants. Click here to read more on that.

How Do I Choose Snowboard Pants?

Whenever I need a new pair of snow pants, I have couple questions that come to mind.

  1. What conditions am I going to be riding in?
  2. Are they warm?
  3. Can they be vented? (to cool off)
  4. How waterproof are they?
  5. Are these expensive? (You might get the same pair at half price a month or two later)
  6. Do they look good? (style is somewhat important)

One of the most important aspects of finding the right snowboarding pants, is finding a comfortable pair. You don’t wanna be riding around all day in a pair of pants that are too tight, or don’t first correctly.

It’s a pain, and you won’t ride well. You’ll ride at your best when everything works together in sink, and if you have ill fitting pants. Good luck with that.

Make sure you’re comfortable, with whatever you’re wearing. If you’re cool with them being tight, get em tight, keep in mind the crouching aspect of snowboarding can cause issues!

Is There A Difference Between Pants For Ski And Snowboarders?

I hear this questions a lot, and honestly I don’t really care. There probably is a difference in brand name. Some companies are ski companies and some snowboard, however that stuff to me is universal.

Now there are ski styles and snowboard styles. That can’t be denied, but I don’t see a difference between the two. At least in functionality.

Case in point, when I’m out riding in really cold weather, I have a Spyder sweater that I wear. Spyder makes a lot of cold weather gear, and I’ve linked their website above.

However they’re more of a ski company, but I love the sweater, it’s the warmest thing I’ve ever worn.

Should Snowboard Pants Be Baggy?

I grew up in the era of Jnco jeans, for those of you who didn’t grow up in the 90s Jncos are jeans where the pant leg circumference is bigger than many peoples waist sizes.

So to answer your question, they don’t have to be, but for me it’s a yes. Snowboard pants should be baggy. If they’re tight, they impeded maneuverability and comfort. I’m not cool with that when I’m on the mountain.

In addition to that, when you wear baggy snowboard pants, it gives you more room to wear layers. This is extremely helpful during cold times of the year.

Do You Wear Pants Under Snowboard Pants?

I personally don’t, not even in the coldest of times. Usually I have a pair of board shorts I wear underneath, and I’m good to go.

However depending on a few different factors, you might want to wear pants underneath.

  1. How cold is it going to be when you’re out riding?
  2. Are your snowboard pants insulated?
  3. How many layers do you plan on wearing?
  4. Will it be easy to discard layers, if you’re to hot?
  5. Can you add extra layers if the opposite is discovered?

It’s definitely up to you, however if you go in your boxers, don’t let your friends know, or you might become the victim of a prank.

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