Exercises To Get Into Boarding Shape

There’s a lot of articles out there based on getting into winter shape. During the summer months I stay in shape by doing a lot of biking. My average week totals are around 100-150 Miles. I live in Minneapolis and there’s a ton of bike trails, and it’s beautiful around our lake system You can get anywhere on a bike, as long as it’s not January, that doesn’t stop some people though. 

I realized a few years ago, that biking doesn’t cut it for staying in boarding shape. So I started looking at exercise blogs, yoga site, and exercises that stretch & strengthen muscles I use when I board. So here’s what I uses, usually around August or Early September at the latest. 

It should go with saying to use common sense & consult your doctor if necessary. Especially before changing any exercise regiment, & especially if you have pre-existing conditions. Also keep in mind, this is what I do, you might want to take my ideas and tailor them to yourself.

After doing some stretching I get into this routine and I make sure I stretch and I’m limber.

  • Burpees – (M-W-F) Also Called Squat Thrusts – They Help With Flexibility & Cardio
  • Pushups- (M-W-F) Strength Training
  • Pull-ups- (M-W-F) Strength Training
  • Jump-Rope (T-Th-F) Great Cardio & Improves Leg Flexibility (At Least For Me)

On (T-Th-F) I also do different types of reverse style pushups my main goal is to strengthen my back.  I hyper extended it after a real bad snowboard fall a few years back, so these and some back stretches really help me. 

So these are the exercises I do when I’m trying to get my muscles ready for snowboard season. If you work at a desk like me, you might wanna take it slow at first and then build up, or if you’re active already you can probably jump right in. Squats really help too, I didn’t put it on the list because I don’t do them often but I do mix it up from time to time. I hope you enjoyed this.

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