Why DC Control Boa Snowboard Boots Are Epic

The DC Control Boa Snowboard Boot is a midrange Snowboard Boot With A Medium Flex Rating. They have the exact same flex as a pair of DC Scouts with the added benefit of a 2nd BOA.

To me that’s an awesome bonus. However I am comparing a first (or beginner) tier snowboard boot to a second (intermediate) tier.

With a flex rating of 6/10 you can do use these boots comfortably anywhere on the mountain and still hit up the park without worry about changing your boots. (Thats a personal preference)

DC Control Boa Rankings:

I plan on adding some bells and whistles to the site, but right now this is a side gig and I don’t have a lot of time. All the rankings below for the DC Controls are on a 1-5 scale. 1 is low and 5 is high. I explain my reasoning below.

  • Comfort: 4
  • Boot Durability: 4
  • BOA Durability: 4.5
  • Foot Warmth: 4
  • Adjustability: 4
  • Shock Absorbing: 4
  • Ease Off & On: 4

Aggregate Score: 4.07/5

DC Control Boa Numbers Explained:


I feel like DC build their boots to conform to my feet. My feet run a little wider than average, but even when I skated they had comfortable shoes.

The fit might be different for you, make sure you try them on. However if your feet run a little wider, these might fit you perfectly.

Boot Durability:

I’ve worn multiple pairs of DC snowboard boots over the years. There’s no doubt in my mind that these have some longevity in them. They’re manufactured from high quality materials and excellent stitching.

Boa Durability:

It’s my favorite thing to talk about. The Boas have a life time warranty. In all my years of riding, I’ve never had a spool break on me. There’s been a couple of wires, but those can easily be replaced. Click here if your wanting to order replacement parts. Each time has taken me about 15 minutes to replace.

Foot Warmth:

There is almost nothing that’ll ruin your day on the hill faster than cold toes…I hate that feeling. These boots will keep your feet warm, as long as they fit properly. Make sure they’re snug, but not tight. Have your toes up against the front wall of the boot, but not scrunched.

For more information on choosing the correct boot fit, see our blog post about Picking The Correct Snowboard Boots.


Dual Boas means more adjustability. Personally I don’t tighten the bottom boa a lot. my feet fit perfectly in the boot. However my calves are huge so I need to tighten the top boa a lot.

With dual boas you can adjust anything you want. It’s awesome.

Shock Absorbing:

I’ve already written that these boots are built for warmth, and comfortability. both of these traits help with shock absorption. I will say that absorption dies out after a few seasons. This is because of the packing out phenomenon. However it isn’t a huge issue.

Ease Off & On:

DUAL BOAS!!!! Make things simple. I have both my boots on and tight before my buddies have their shoes off. It’s almost a pain waiting for them to lace up, however that gives me time to setup my snowboarding playlist and scout the shortest lift lines.

DC Control Boa: Other Facts, Benefits, And Random Details:

To be honest I can’t think of much that I haven’t covered already. Double check the boots fit, make your adjustments, and keep your toes warm.

These boots will be a great addition to any snowboarders arsenal of gear. I’d purchase a pair but I’m eyeing a new pair of DC Shuksans right now.

And Yes, I Knot That I may have a problem…

DC Control Boa: My Conclusion:

These are a great midrange boot for somebody who wants to traverse the entire mountain. Wherever you shred, these boots will give you the response you want.

They’re not super stiff or super soft they go right up the mid range which means you can excel anywhere.

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