DC Judge; All Mountain, Freestyle Boots, That’ll Change Your Life.

The DC Judge Snowboarding Boot Has Been Around For Over A Decade. With Above Average Flex, Dual Boas, And An Improved Ventilation System, These Boots Are Perfect For Snowboarding In The Back Country.

These boots are durable, lightweight, and super responsive. I’d highly recommend purchasing a pair if you want something that’ll last a long time, and keep your feet warm and comfortable. DC Judges are a bit more expensive than DC scouts but they’re definitely an upgrade.

They are stiffer, have dual boas (compared to the scouts 1) and to me they performed better. I will say that I’m a bit biased as I like a stiffer boot.

If you’re strapped for cash, I’d say check out my my review on DC scouts, by clicking here. They are still pretty epic boots, however the scouts do have a competitive edge for all mountain and back country shredders.

DC Judge Rankings:

All of these rankings are on a 1-5 scale. With 1 being awful and 5 being pretty awesome.

  • Comfort: 4.5
  • Boot Durability: 3.5
  • BOA Durability: 4
  • Foot Warmth: 5
  • Adjustability: 4
  • Shock Absorbing: 4
  • Ease Off & On: 4.5

Aggregate Score: 3.69

DC Judge Comfort

They are extremely comfortable, with a thick padding inside for your feet to rest in. Even when the boot is packed out and broken in, you’ll get a great fit, and feel comfortable.

Boot Durability:

I go snowboarding 40-50 times each season. Because of this I go through a pair of boots every 3 years (give or take). Even then I probably go to long with an old pair. These boots really hold up for that long.

When it’s time to replace them you’ll definitely know, there won’t be a lot of flex left and you’ll probably be bouncing around the inside of the boot. However, as long as you purchase the correct size, you won’t lack comfort until the boots are worn out.

BOA Durability:

For people who don’t know, a boa system replaces traditional laces with wires attached to a spool on the snowboard boot. To tighten the wire laces just press in and start to turn the spool. Loosening is simple, just pull on the spool and the tension is gone.

Boas save time when you need to get on the hill. Also something really cool is their 100% warranty. If for any reason they break you can order replacement boa parts and fix them.

I just replaced the upper part of mine, and once I received the replacement parts, it took me 15 minutes to do the repair. To Contact Boa for replacement parts/directions. Go to the Boa Service & Support Webpage.

Foot Warmth:

As for keeping your feet and toes warm, they do an excellent job of that. Perhaps it’s the fit, but I’ve never had cold toes with these and I’ve ridden many days in below zero temperatures, it’s a problem in Minneapolis. but at least I’m riding.

Boot Adjustability:

The DC Judge makes it super easy to tighten or loosen the boot. While some boots contain a single boa. DC Judges Contain a dual boa system. This reduces pinch points and gives you the ability to make more adjustments.

I like to leave my foot a little loose and tighten the boot hard on my calf muscles. I’m not sure why, but it’s cool that the boot lets me do that.

Shock Absorbing

The boots are super responsive, and whenever I get some air, my landing isn’t as hard. This is because of the boots inner layers and general fluffiness.

While the boot absorbs the shock of your landing, you can transfer power from your heels/toes to the board side edge. Making your landing even more epic.

Boot Ease Off/On

Due to the dual boas, these boots are extremely easy to put on or take off. Just pop the spool pull the boot tongue forward and it’s off.

Putting them on is almost as easy. Although sometimes if they’re on the tighter side it might take a moment or two longer. (Still quicker than laces though).

DC Judge Rankings Final Thoughts:

I do have 1 warning, it’s simple and should be common sense. Break them in prior to any hard core riding days you have planned out. At the very least take a half day on a local hill with them.

Your feet will thank you for that.

DC Judge – Terrain And Flex Rating

The DC Judge boots are extremely stiff. Dc has then rated as an 8/10 on their stiffness scale. (DC Scouts are 6.10 And The Shuksan is a 10/10).

The Snowboard Boot is still considered an all mountain boot. However you can ride them anywhere. It’s all a matter of preference. Remember with snowboarding you can really do anything. It’s all about your control and where you wanna ride.

With these high quality boots, you’ll get amazing response and pop wherever you go on the mountain. They’re built specifically for shredders who love jumping off cliffs, riding through trees, and tearing up the back country.

Rules For Buying Snowboard Boots

Below are a couple of rules I follow when buying new boots. keep in mind looks are always secondary to comfort, warmth, and function. That being said, find what will work for you, and then find something you like.

Don’t just buy something because it’s cute…you’ll wind up with a pair of flamingo boots.

True Story…not of mine though.

  1. I don’t like flashy boots, if the colors are bright or it has flamingos. I’m out.
  2. Stiffness is a huge factor. I ride all mountain, and want responsiveness in the trees and deep powder.
  3. Dual Boas are amazing, but I only tighten the top boa anyway. I’m not sure why but it works perfectly for me.
  4. Check The Feel Of The Boots: Wander around the store with them on, this helps me see how they feel in real world use.

These are good rules of thumb for anybody purchasing new snowboard boots. However I like to go through these whenever I’m buying or testing out snowboard boots For all I know something has changed in the last few years and I won’t know until my feet are in pain on top of a mountain.

And that sucks.

Personal Experience With DC Judges

The only bad thing I can say about the judges, is how much they pack out. I had a pair of 11s that fit perfectly, and now I’m pretty sure they’re 12s.

If you don’t know what packing out is, the term basically means they get larger inside. This is due to the interior padding compressing. Most boots get 1/2 a size larger, but there’s a lot of variables involved.

To combat this, I purchase all my snowboard boots half to a full size smaller than my fit size now. I wear size 11, so I purchase DC Judges at size 10. It sucks at first and I have to break them in. Once they are, it’s an amazing feeling.

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