Everything To Know About DC Shuksan Snowboard Boots

DC outdid themselves when they made this snowboard boot. I keep looking at them trying to convince myself to spend the money. I really want a Pair of DC Shuksan Boots.

The DC Shuksan Snowboarding Boot Is An All Mountain/Back Country Boot That Has A 10/10 Rating For Ftiffness. The Boot Comes In Multiple Colors, Including A Bright Red.

These are the type of boots you’ll want when shredding deep powder in the back country. If you’re not used to boots this stiff, take a lap or two around the resort in them first.

I’m biased when it comes to DC boots. They fit my feet perfectly and in the past, I’ve been burned by cheap pairs of snowboard boots that tore my feet up.

For shredding, I want agility, control, and the power to be there where I need it. The DC Shuksan snowboarding boot has that power, and I love the way they feel.

When you go snowboarding in these you’ll be able to turn on a dime, feel the snowboard connecting with the snow, and your feet will feel warm and comfortable as well.

DC Shuksan Boot Rankings.

  • Comfort: 4.5
  • Boot Durability: 4.5
  • BOA Durability: 4.5
  • Foot Warmth: 4
  • Adjustability: 4
  • Shock Absorbing: 4
  • Ease Off & On: 4

Aggregate Score: 4.21

Keep in mind, my rankings are pretty biased, just like my foot size are riding style is different . I’m a back country, all mountain rider who loves to ride through trees. Somebody who likes doing laps in the park might have a different opinion, and that’s totally fine. (In fact put yours in the comments, I’d love to hear them).

Ranking Explanation:


I ranked this as a 4.5 because my feet fit perfectly in every DC Snowboard boot I’ve ever purchased. I tend to have wider feet and they don’t pinch my toes. They’re splendid to wear.

Boot Durability:

A good pair of snowboarding boots should last you at least 3 seasons, and thats when you do a lot of riding. I’ve got a pair that’s going on it’s 6th year right now. The DC Shuksan looks like a solid build, and in the past they’ve always made great quality snowboarding boots. However, I’ll have to update my post here later on after long term testing.

BOA Durability:

I love dual boas. The great thing about them. They Have A “Lifetime Warranty.” Every so often I’ll break a wire and all I need to do is order new parts. It takes around 15 minutes for replacement and you’re good to go.

In addition to that, Dual Boas give you more ways to adjust the feel of the boot. (More of that below)

Foot Warmth:

Since these boots fit me so well, there is never an issue with foot warmth. If you’re going to purchase these make sure you have the right fit. Incorrect fit is one of the main reasons your feet will freeze.

Don’t make them too tight, they should be snug. There will be less air in the boot and your toes won’t get as cold. Check out my article about finding the right snowboarding boots for tips and trick about that.


This should go under the Boa category. Since the DC Shuksan has dual boas you’ll be able to tighten the laces around your toes and calves differently. My personal style is to leave my foot boa alone (still tight but not super tight) and make the calves snug. For some reason this works great for me.

You Should Experiment A bit For Yourself.

Shock Absorbing:

Because of the intense padding inside the DC Shuksan, every landing is like dropping onto pillows.

East Off/On

One again, I’m speaking about the boas. Because there’s 2 of them, it makes taking boots on/off super easy. This happens especially after breaking them in. Mine go on like slippers instantaneously. Granted I have to tighten them down then, but they’re amazingly comfortable, and fit well.

DC Shuksan Other Facts:

  • The Soles Of The Snowboard Boots Are Comprised Of 100% Recycled EVA.
  • DoubleBlack Liners Increase Circulation In Your Toes And Are Heat Mouldable.
  • The BOA H3 Cranks Are The Most Advanced Cranks They’ve Made So Far.
  • These Boots Would Be Great For Most Skill Levels, However The Intermediate To Advanced Rider Would Appreciate The More. If You’re Newer, Buy A Pair Of Scouts And Build Up.

DC Shuksan In Conclusion:

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