How To Find The Perfect Balaclava For Snowboarding

Say the word Balaclava a few times really fast. It’s kind of a fun word to say because it rolls off the tongue.

I bought my first one a few years back at Vail, because it was cold and my face masks weren’t cutting it. Being a Snowboarder who spends a lot of time on the hill, I have a huge selection of face masks.

I’d never purchased one, and I think my issue was with the name. While it’s fun to say it also has a weird ring to it.

What Is A Balaclava?

A Balaclava Is A Type Of Headgear Worn In The Winter. This Type Of Clothing Will Generally Cover Everything Except For The Eyes, And Sometimes The Nose And Mouth.

This depends on the general design of the headgear, but it’s generally made of cloth, and they’re super warm.

I like to use mine when it gets below 15 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Are They Considered A Face Mask?

They can be considered a face mask, however it covers a lot more territory than that. It seems like that’s the only category it fits in, so that’s where it stays.

I don’t see why they’re not considered a hat by those standards too.

How To Wear A Balaclava?

Wearing a Balaclava is pretty simple. It’s a hood that you slip on and make sure the opening is where your eyes and nose are (depending on the model).

Some of them will let you fold down the face covering part and you can breath a little better. This works especially well on colder days.

What Is The Difference Between A Balaclava And A Ski Mask?

Honestly to differentiate between the two is really splitting hairs.

Face Masks will cover your face, most of the time it’s your mouth and nose. While a Balaclava will cover your neck, head, mouth and nose (most of the time.

They both fit in a similar category, although I only wear mine when I’m shredding in extremely cold conditions. Mine is really warm and It’d be like wearing a wool coat on a hot day.

What To Watch Out For When Using A Balaclava.

There’s a couple of different issues I look at when purchasing head gear for Snowboarding.

Here’s some different types you can purchase off of Amazon. Any purchases through these links will support my website, keep me shredding, and making more content.

Elijah Headgear Checklist:

  1. Know the weather you’ll be riding in.
  2. How will your Goggles fit with the headgear.
  3. Will your Helmet Fit With The Headgear.
  4. Is the fabric soft against your face?

These are a great jumping off point, and I’m sure you’ll come up with some other ideas as you purchase. I hope you enjoyed my latest post. Below I’m going to put some amazon links to different products that you might be looking for. Any purchases through these links helps me to continue making content. Don’t forget to subscribe below.


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