4 Exercises For Snowboarding: How to Get in Shape For The Season

I love snowboarding season, being a lifelong Minnesotan there’s not much to do when winter is half the year. When it does end, I need to find a way to stay in boarding shape. So I can be ready the next time it snows (usually a month or two away. So here are my favorite exercises for snowboarding. You can use them during the preseason, or during.

exercises for snowboarding

However, you don’t want to overdo it. If you’re snowboarding, that’s a workout already.

I used to be an avid biker, I’d ride 150 miles a week, but eventually, I realized, that biking doesn’t cut when exercising for snowboarding. So I started reading exercise blogs, looking at yoga sites and trying exercises that stretch & strengthen muscles I use when I board. So here’s what I use, usually around August or Early September at the latest. 

4 Exercises That’ll Help Get You Into Boarding Shape:

It should go with saying to use common sense & consult your doctor if necessary. Especially before changing any exercise regimen, & especially if you have pre-existing conditions. Also, keep in mind, this is what I do, you might want to take my ideas and tailor them to yourself.

The Top 4 Exercises For Snowboarding

  • Burpees – (M-W-F) A Similar Exercises Is Called Squat Thrusts – Help With Flexibility & Cardio
  • Pushups- (M-W-F) Strength Training
  • Pull-ups- (M-W-F) Strength Training
  • Jump-Rope (T-Th-F) Great Cardio & Improves Leg Flexibility (At Least For Me)
exercises for snowboarding

Burpees: (Exercises For Snowboarding)

Burpees are a favorite exercise for everyone right? I didn’t think so. True story, I actually hate them. However, they are a great full-body workout and I can get my heart rate up fast when I’m pumping these out. They also help keep me limber and stretch me out a bit. If you’re looking for a few exercises for snowboarding. These can really help you out. To perform the perfect burpee check out the link provided.

Pushups: (Exercises For Snowboarding)

Ahh, the pushup, this exercise, and Pull-Ups have been my mainstay for years. I prefer bodyweight exercises compared to heavy weights so this is right up my alley.

While they might not be good cardio. They definitely help with strength training and some (very little) core work. To do a proper Pushup, Click Here.

Pull-Ups: (Exercises For Snowboarding)

Over the last few years, Pull-Ups have actually become enjoyable for me. I think in 2010 I installed a Pull-Up bar in my kitchen. Then I made a rule that I wasn’t allowed in unless I did 5 of them.

I started to get hungry more because I didn’t wanna do them. But eventually, I started doing them, and now 10 years later they’re a normal thing for me. I also forgot to add I’m about 250 and it’s really hard for guys around my weight to do these.

To do a proper pull-up click here.

Jump-Rope: (Exercises For Snowboarding)

Jump roping can be a pain if you live in an apartment, or have bad coordination. Either way, there are ways around it. Maybe your apartment has a gym, or a park is nearby. Jumping rope is similar to Burpees in because it uses a lot of your body, and gets your heart rate up pretty fast.

It also conditions your feet, toes, and ankles prepping them for work they’ll be doing through the winter months.

I will admit that I neglect my abs, burpees do a little bit, but not as much as needed. So I recommend adding some sort of planking, and a situp routine as well. It’ll help when you need to stand up out west too.

So these are the exercises I do when I’m trying to get my muscles ready for snowboard season. If you work at a desk like me, you might wanna take it slow at first and then build up, or if you’re active already you can probably jump right in. Squats really help too, I didn’t put it on the list because I don’t do them often but I do mix it up from time to time. I hope you enjoyed this.

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exercises for snowboarding

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