How To Find Cheap Snowboard Gear, Save Money To Shred

Finding Cheap Snowboard Gear has become an art over the last few years. 11 years ago I bought a Burton Custom X for less than half the usual price.

I found this deal by running comparison shopping on 5 different websites and purchasing on the hottest day in July. It kinda sucked because I had to wait a long time until I got shred on it.

However I paid $300 for an $800 snowboard, it was the previous season’s snowboard, but I didn’t care about that. It was exactly what I wanted.

Below I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can find some cheap snowboard gear so you don’t waste your time and money.

Cheap Snowboard Gear: The Search:

The first thing I like to tell people when they’re out looking for new gear is to know what you want, and what kind of snowboarder you are.

I’ve written in some of my snowboard tutorials that you should never look for something because it’s cute, or looks amazing. Instead, you always should be looking for something that’s functional.

Another way to put it is, what good is a Corvette when you’re offroading in the mountains? The car won’t last long, and you’re not going to have a good time.

***Side Note: Some people are still new to snowboarding and haven’t figured that out yet, and that’s ok. Learn more about park boards in this instance. This is due to the flex being more forgiving. Once you’ve got some experience under your belt you can get something better. You’ll thank me later for that.

Places To Find Cheap Snowboard Gear:

Snowboard Resorts Ski Swaps:

I’m a huge fan of these, you can get some gently (hopefully) used gear and pay a fraction of the price. You will have to do some major digging to find that diamond in the rough, so be where.

Personally, I avoid the mainstream resorts and go to the family-owned resorts first. I can’t really say a reason why, I just enjoy doing that. Eventually, I do make my way to the corporate resorts but don’t usually find anything interesting.

However, you do you, and maybe you’ll find something epic.

Purchasing Gear In The Off-Season:

This used to be my favorite tactic a decade ago. It still can be a useful tool but you need to be a little more crafty now. Sometimes you can get a good deal from a snowboarding blog (hey that’s where you’re at now) or you can find an online clearance sale.

The reason it isn’t my favorite tactic anymore is that there’s been a lot of consolidation in the market. You can still find some cheap snowboard gear, it just takes a little while longer. Also if you can find a blogger who’s writing about the gear, you can help support their page by using their affiliate links too.

***Side Note I’ve seen a nice resurgence in sites that sell gear over the last few years (Including mine). This is great because I was worried about the massive amount of consolidation a few years back.

Facebook Marketplace:

I’ve sold a lot of gear over Facebook marketplace and I’ve had a few friends purchase snowboards and goggles on it. First off be safe and don’t be stupid for a piece of equipment. Meet in a coffee shop or a busy plaza to exchange money/gear. The first few times I sold items I had people come to my house and that can get dicey.

Also, never take a check, always make the deal cash. That way you both leave with what you wanted.

And don’t be afraid to walk away, sometimes the deal doesn’t feel right, and it’s better to keep your money.

That being said, search your local area and see who’s selling what and if you’re interested. A friend of mine got brand new boots, board, bindings for under $300 one time. (Its worth was a lot higher)

These are my 3 best tips and tricks to finding some cheap snowboard gear. I hope you enjoyed these. I might come back in the future and add some more tricks as I hear about them. Don’t forget to subscribe and comment below.

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