GNU 4; An All Mountain & Environmentally Conscious Snowboard

GNU always makes environmentally conscious snowboards, and the GNU 4 has a really cool design. It’s an all mountain, environmentally conscious snowboard.

The board itself is a twin directional. This means it doesn’t ride switch well, however it rides hard and does an epic job in the one direction it was made to ride.

For me I didn’t like the snowboard, but that’s because it does so well outside my preference range. I like to ride regular and switch and move between the two often. Except it didn’t feel right in switch (this is because of the directional part of the board, NOT a design flaw).

If you like directional boards that are epic at carving and you love the technical aspect of shredding. You’ll love this snowboard. GNU did an awesome job designing this one.

GNU 4 Overall Rankings

  • Deep Powder Shredding: 3
  • Turning Feel: 4
  • Carving Experience: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Switch Riding: 4
  • Pipe: 4
  • Jibbing: 2

Aggregate Score: 3.57

I’m not sure why I keep adding the aggregate score to this, it’s a really pointless thing because I rank all mountain boards against park boards. This doesn’t make sense. However the overall ranking numbers will hopefully help you make an informed decision.

Overall Snowboard Review:

  • Terrain Types: Resort/All Mountain Riding
  • Rider Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Flex Scale: Medium/Stiff
  • ASYM Scale: Core-Sidecut Epic
  • CAMBER: Correct Camber (What Is This?)

The camber on this particular snowboard is more of an aggressive one. This means you’ll get a stiffer ride with more response. Like I wrote above, if you’re more of a technical snowboarder. You’ll love this snowboard.

I didn’t like the feel of it as I’m more of a drunken style shredder, and I tend to lose technique as the day goes on. For me I just enjoy the thrill of the ride.

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