GNU Antigravity; Discover The Best Runs On The Mountain.

The GNU Antigravity is a jack of all trades snowboard. It does everything well, but nothing amazing. If you’re looking for a universal snowboard that will give you a good ride wherever you go. This is an excellent board for you.

I know that sounds kinda bland, but snowboards are expensive and if your riding preferences change from day to day, this snowboard might be the best thing for you.

Think about it, one day you can grab the GNU Antigravity and shred the back country, and later on, or the next day do some park riding. All without changing anything up, except maybe your stance.

That is the beauty of the Antigravity, freedom of choice.

GNU Antigravity Overall Rating:

  • Deep Powder Shredding: 3.5
  • Turning Feel: 4
  • Carving Experience: 3.5
  • Speed: 3
  • Switch Riding: 2
  • Pipe: 4
  • Jibbing: 3
  • The GNU Antigravity Turning Experience is a major selling point.
  • If You Happen To Be On This Board In A Pipe, It’ll Be Epic
  • The rest of the stats are extremely balanced.

Rider skill level and experience is key here. One person might have a bad time while another find it to be the best board ever. Keep in mind I’m looking through my own bias of being an all mountain shredder. I don’t ride park a lot so I can be overly critical of park boards. However if you’re wanting a decent GNU all mountain snowboard. Check out my Riders Choice Review.

However, if the park is more your style. Feel free to check out my GNU Headspace Review. But Lets get to the antigravity snowboard stats.

  • Shred Style: Freeride
  • Skill Level: Advanced To Expert Level
  • Board Shape: Directional
  • Camber Profile: Camber

Snowboard Review:

For me this board feels like it does everything. That worries me because I love tree runs and back country. However my bias is coming out on this one because of that.

If you love to snowboard everywhere, it’s a solid choice. See below:

  • Turn Initiation: Pretty Fast, And Grabs Well.
  • Edge hold: Was great on a snowy day.
  • Buttering: More Difficult.
  • The Flex: Is Medium. Which is why buttering was probably difficult.

What this all comes down to is personal preference. If I owned this snowboard, I’d probably use it, and it would be something I’d use once or twice, and then find myself using a lot more.

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Let me know what you think in the comments. Was I too harsh? if you’ve ridden these and disagree feel free to say why. Also don’t forget to subscribe and you’ll get notified the instant I write a new review, trick tutorial, or even find an epic deal.

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