GNU Billy Goat; An Epic All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard

The GNU Billy Goat is an epic All Mountain/Freestyle Snowboard. It has everything you could want in a snowboardboard. Speed, stiffness, and some epic charging power, this snowboard really has it all.

GNU really outdid themselves this year with the Billy Goat, and if you’re on the fence with this snowboard, just do it. You’ll be glad you did. Especially on the next powder day.

Now to be fair, if you’re a park rider, this board isn’t for you. The birth right of this snowboard isn’t to be on the mountain. It’s to be all over it. Drop into some tress or hit a few gullies. Either way, it’ll be pretty epic.

GNU Billy Goat Overall Rankings

  • Deep Powder: 4
  • Turning Feel: 4
  • Carving Experience: 4
  • Speed: 4.5
  • Switch Riding: 3
  • Pipe: 3.5
  • Jibbing: 3

Aggregate Score: 3.71

Most of my scores tend to wind up in this aggregate score range. While there have been some snowboards that excel in all categories, those are few and far in between. Even when they excel in most categories there’s still one or two where they tend to be extremely lacking.

With that in mind, remember that the GNU Billy Goat is an epic all mountain/freestyle snowboard. It’s not meant for the park, it’s meant to be free. I like to think it gets it’s name from the billy goats you see when you’re driving into the mountains from Denver, but I digress.

Overall Review:

  • Terrain Types: Resort/Back Country
  • Rider Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Flex Scale: Mostly Stiff
  • CAMBER: Aggressive All Terrain Camber (What Is This?)

I’m worried because the Billy Goat might’ve unseated my Riders Choice as my favorite snowboard. However in this life you can’t hold onto anything like that for too long. Something better always comes along.

Until then I won’t make a decision on what’s better. I’ll just say the GNU Billy Goat is epic, and it’ll help you shred the whole mountain. Pick one up today.

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