GNU Chromatic; An Epic Way To Explore The Mountain

The GNU Chromatic Snowboard is a women’s snowboard designed specifically for all mountain use. The board itself is a directional twin all mountain snowboard (wow that’s a lot to say.)

Even though it’s classified as an all mountain snowboard, inside it has the heart of a freestyle shredder. Technically the board does so well in the freestyle arena, it could be classified in either category.

The directional twin makes it slightly harder to ride switch, but gives you an epic edge when riding deep powder in the back country. The Chromatic is a snowboard you’ll want to ride when you’re heading into the depths of any resort.

It does great on powder, charges hard, and has a soft nose. This means it’ll do pretty well in the park as well. Gnu put a lot of effort into designing this board, and it shows.

GNU Chromatic Overall Rankings

  • Deep Powder: 4
  • Turning Feel: 4.5
  • Carving Experience: 4.5
  • Speed: 4
  • Switch Riding: 3
  • Pipe: 3.5
  • Jibbing: 3.5

Aggregate Score: 3.86

As you can see, the Chromatic does really well in most categories. I did score it a little lower in the park arenas (pipe/jib) but that’s because it’s main focus is technically the mountain. If you’re going to ride it in the park, be sure to adjust your bindings properly, and make sure you know what you’re doing.

All in all, it’s a great snowboard to shred on any mountain.

Overall Snowboard Review

  • Terrain Types: Resort
  • Rider Skill Level: Intermediate/Beginner
  • Flex Scale: Medium/Soft
  • Progression: Easy/Jibby/Floaty. The original Banana (What Is This?)

If you are worried about price the GNU Chromatic is on the lighter side of things, and has a beginner to intermediate rating. That doesn’t mean it’s a snowboard to laugh at.

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