GNU The Finest; A High End All Mountain Hybrid Snowboard

GNU has made an ex excellent snowboard when they made The Finest Snowboard. It’s a high end park/all mountain hybrid that has amazing pop. If you’re reading a lot of reviews about this snowboard, you’ll notice pop is one of the major selling points.

Personally I love the magne-traction and a hybrid camber, and the later is what helps with some of the pop. This is one of those snowboards I wish I could test out in Colorado on a nice bluebird day. Instead I ride in Minnesota, and it’s rare to get good powder out here.

GNU The Finest Overall Rating

  • Deep Powder Shredding: 3
  • Turning Feel: 3.5
  • Carving Experience: 3
  • Speed: 3
  • Switch Riding: 5
  • Pipe: 4
  • Jibbing: 4

Aggregate Score: 3.5

As you can see in the overall rating, the snowboard is very balanced. It’s a great intermediate snowboard where you’re getting your footing but haven’t perfect mountain riding yet.

Keep riding, test out the Magne-Traction and you’ll be having an epic time.

Snowboard Review:

  • Terrain Types: Resort/All Mountain Riding
  • Rider Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Flex Scale: Medium/Stiff
  • ASYM Scale: Core-Sidecut Epic
  • CAMBER: Hybrid Camber (What Is This?)

A GNU The finest is going to be an awesome snowboard to charge in. It’s got a good stiffness under your feet, and some softness in the nose and tail. With it being a ASYM Twin, you’ll be able to ride switch with no difficulty, (as long as you have the skills to do it).

Deep powder might be an issue with this snowboard but if you’re in a pinch, give the snowboard a set back stance, and you can make a day of it. It won’t excel there, but you’ll make do and still enjoy it.

If you’re unsure of some of the terminology like magnetraction or ASYM. Check Out Our Snowboarding Purchase Guide. On this guide we break down the major pieces to purchasing a snowboard, helping you figure out what board you want to shred on.

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