GNU Free Spirit Snowboard Review

The GNU Free Spirit is an all mountain snowboard. It’s basic design is a freeride directional snowboard. This means it’ll excel in the back country and shredding in deep powder. I’ve been scouring the internet reading different reviews of the GNU Free Spirit, and there is a general consensus about it.

  1. It’s great to ride in powder.
  2. This board turns really well.
  3. When the owner runs this board into the ground. They’ll buy another one.

With the snowboard being directional it means switch riding Will be more difficult. This is due to the construction of the board and general build of it.That doesn’t meant that it’s impossible but you’ll have to think about it more that you would on a ASYM board.

GNU Free Spirit Overall Rankings

  • Deep Powder: 4
  • Turning Feel: 4
  • Carving Experience: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Switch Riding: 2.5
  • Pipe: 2.5
  • Jibbing: 3

Aggregate Score: 3.43

Snowboard Review

  • Terrain Types: Back Country/Resort
  • Rider Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Flex Scale: Medium/Stiff
  • CAMBER: Aggression/Control, Precision, Power (What Is This?)

This snowboard is build to charge hard and ride aggressively inn the back country. The addition of magne-traction gives it an amazing edge for agility. Even resort riders will have fun on this snowboard as it does well wherever you can find powder to feed it.

If you’re in the market for a new snowboard this board has sold out pretty fast on the GNU website. You might wanna try and find it in a local store. I’ll post some amazon links below, but they’re selling out everywhere. That alone should prove its popularity.

Now for the only downside I can even think of. Uou probably won’t have a ton of fun in the park with the GNU Free Spirit. This is due to directional and stiff properties built into the snowboard. If you’re looking for something that’ll tear a park up check out my reviews for the GNU Gloss and the GNU Pro Choice snowboards.

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