GNU T2B; A Epic Directional All Mountain Snowboard

The GNU T2B is an excellent freestyle snowboard. It’s got an asymmetrical twin shape, a continuous rocker and a centered stance. It excels in almost every area that you’d wanna shred.

The board itself is built to be directional, this means switch riding will take extra effort, however you won’t mind because you’re in tieback country.

Part of me thinks this snowboard is the successor of the Carbon Credit, it’s kinda like the upgraded version of it.

This snowboard is

GNU T2B Overall Rating:

  • Deep Powder Shredding: 4
  • Turning Feel: 4
  • Carving Experience: 3.5
  • Speed: 3
  • Switch Riding: 2
  • Pipe: 3.5
  • Jibbing: 3.5

As you can see the T2b excels mainly in the back country. This is the type of snowboard you’ll want with you when the powder is deep, and there are few people to get in your way.

I for one would love to strap into one of these while riding a tree run in Vail or Beavercreek. Whenever you ride trees a good snowboard is priceless.

The Magne-Traction will help guide you and helps immensely with carving properly. Find some tree runs, a few groomers, and even a nice pow stash or two.

The skies the limit with this snowboard. Make sure you tear it up.

Snowboard Review:

  • Terrain Types: Mostly All Mountain, but Really Everything…maybe not sand.
  • Rider Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Flex Scale: Medium
  • ASYM Scale: Core-Sidecut
  • CAMBER: Hybrid Camber (What Is This?)

This Snowboard excels mostly in the freestyle arena, personally I think that is a bit of everything, and it really does that. If you’re in the market for a new snowboard, you should check this one out, because the GNU T2B is a snowboard you can excel on. Don’t forget to pick up a new pair of boots and bindings when you go out. Make this season an epic one.

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