GNU Velvet Snowboard; Shred Hard, And Tear The Mountain Up

The GNU Velvet is an all mountain snowboard that focuses on one epic thing. Shredding the mountain. While you can take this snowboard into the park, or even ride on a bunny hill (much like a muscle car in a parking garage). That’s not the birth right of this snowboard.

On this snowboard you’ll be happiest somewhere deep in the resort, riding trees or shredding powder. Thats what this snowboard was made to do, and it excels at it.

The snowboard itself is built to ride switch relatively easy, and it loves to ride wherever the powder is.

GNU Velvet Overall Rankings:

  • Deep Powder: 3.5
  • Turning Feel: 4
  • Carving Experience: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Switch Riding: 4.5
  • Pipe: 3.5
  • Jibbing: 3.5

Aggregate Score: 3.86

I finished a review of the GNU B-Nice a few days ago, and this snowboard seems like it’s older sister. While the B-nice tends to focus slightly more on park shredding. The GNU Velvet leans towards the mountain.

The board itself is an ASYM Twin, which means you’ll be able to ride switch extremely easy (providing you have the skill, if you don’t read my riding switch blog). It also has a medium flex and is more geared towards the intermediate riders.

This board will go wherever you want it too, but you’ll have the most epic fun, in a bowl deep powder, or the trees.

Overall Snowboard Review:

  • Terrain Types: Park/Resort
  • Rider Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Flex Scale: Medium
  • ASYM Scale Level 1: Core-Sidecut
  • CAMBER: Perfection: Control, Precision, Float (What Is This?)

The Velvet is a bit more expensive than the B-Nice but if you’re an all mountain rider that knows what you want. It might be the perfect board for you. Throw in some Magne-Traction and you’ve got yourself an epic snowboard.

I did give it a little lower of a score in regards to deep powder riding. This doesn’t mean it’s going to be awful in it. On the contrary give it a set back stance and you should be fine. However there’s many other snowboards manufactured to excel in this area that will excel better in this area.

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