How Snowboard Boots Should Fit? Find The Right Boot For You!

Many people go out snowboarding, and many of them have ill-fitting boots. learning how snowboard boots should fit has to be your top priority. I’d even say it’s more important than your first lesson.

One of the worst experiences of my life was on a mountain in Colorado. I didn’t have the right size boots and my feet got torn apart. Since then I’ve made some changes and I have rules to follow when I go boot shopping.

How Snowboard Boots Should Fit:

Below are my criteria for how you should search for boots. I go a bit more in-depth on my blog post How To Purchase Snowboarding Boots Here, However, this is just about finding the right fit.

  1. Never buy boots because they look cool.
  2. Boots Should Be Tight (I’ll go into depth more on this)
  3. They Should Be Comfortable
  4. You Gotta Have Warmth.

Never Buy Boots Because They Look Cool:

I had an argument once with a friend of mine at my local snowboard shop. She wanted a pair of boots because they looked cute. I was trying to get her a pair of boots that would help her shred the mountain.

I lost in the shop, and the lost on the mountain.

All I heard later was how much her feet hurt. Just because they look cool doesn’t mean they’ll comfort your feet.

SnowboardBoots Should Be Tight:

The front end of your toes should be close to the front of the boots. Not curled but almost touching. Make sure the width is firm but not painful. keep in mind the boot will pack out (stretch) after riding while in them. If you get them tight first they’ll perfect later on.

It’s the breaking in process that sucks.

Also, make sure the shape of the boot matches the shape of your foot. If you have long feet. get a long boot. If you have wide feet (like me) get a wide boot. (DC Judges Work well for this)

***At no point should you ever bleed or be in massive pain.***

Snowboard Boots Should Fit And Be Comfortable:

If you have the right fit and your feet fill the front of the boot. Make sure that it’s comfortable. I thought I had the perfect boot once. It was even heat molded to my feet.

And yet 5 minutes after putting them on, I’d be in pain.

The best way to test this, wear them in the store. Go walk around and look at snowboard bindings or snowboards.

See how your feet feel after wearing them.

Snowboard Boots Should Fit For Warmth:

To have the proper boot warmth you need to have the other items set up right. If the boot isn’t tight the air in the boot will get cold. Then your foot will freeze. The same thing will happen with width and every other aspect of your boot.

In Conclusion:

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