How To Store Your Snowboard Gear; Tips To Store Snowboard Gear

The end of a snowboard season is always depressing to me. Here I am at the top of my game shredding all over the mountain, and the snow goes away. Then a question arises, how do I store snowboard gear?

If that’s a question you’ve asked, we’ve got the post for you, here we are placing our simplest answers that shouldn’t take a lot of time, and you can get back to enjoying springtime.

How To Store Snowboard Gear:

  • Throw Your Gear In The Wash Machine;
  • Dry Everything Out, Especially Your Boots And Gloves;
  • Wipe Down And Clean All Of Your Goggles, Face Masks, And Helmets;
  • Take Bindings Off The Snowboard, Clean It All Up;

Throw Your Gear In The Washing Machine:

First off, I’m not talking about the board, boots, or helmet. What I’m saying is give your snow pants, jacket, gloves, etc. A nice wash. Chances are the stoke has been high and you’ve been shredding like there’s no tomorrow.

Your gear stinks, give it a wash.

As a side note, look your gear over and repair anything that has been damaged. Personally, I’ll grab my gloves with a needle and thread to fix holes in my right glove. It happens every year because of the way I remove my bindings.

If you don’t know how to sew, that’s totally fine. You can get a kit for cheap online or at target. Here’s a link for some basic advice on sewing as well.

Dry Everything Out, With A Focus On Gloves And Boots:

When you have wet boots or gloves a stink will develop, and it might never go away. Make sure you allow for the boots and gloves to dry.

After the washing (see above) leave them out in the sun, put a fan on them, or leave them out for a while. however, before they go into the closet, attic, or basement. Make sure they are dry.

Also wet gloves and boots will invite bugs, and you don’t wanna put your foot in that next season.

Wipe Down And Clean Goggles Lenses, And Face Masks

Leaving sweat and gunk caked onto your goggles all season will impede your vision next year, and give you an extra hard time to clean it next season.

Make sure you’ve thrown those face masks in the wash machine as well…a year old face mask is disgusting.

Take Your Bindings Off The Snowboard:

This one is kind of optional, however, it’s a good idea for the sake of cleaning and storage. If you remove the bindings you can wipe down the top of the snowboard and see if there’s any damage.

In addition to that, you can scan the base and repair any gouges, scratches, or chunks that are missing.

Once you’ve repaired the damage, cover the base in a coat of wax, but don’t scrape it. This will seal in the base and keep it from drying out over the summer.

In addition to that, wipe down the bindings, and make sure the bolts are all tight.

How To Store Snowboard Gear

When you store snowboard gear, you’ll want to find a cool dry place, out of the sunlight. If you leave the board in the sun it might melt (depending on the board/climate) but at the very least it will fade.

That would suck.

If you take care of your gear, it will take care of you. once you’ve completed this, you’ll have to wait until the hills open again, and that’s the hardest part.

Have a good summer.

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