Smith Knowledge OTG: Style, Clarity, And Epic Snow Days

Knowledge OTG Snow Goggles are made by smith optics. But they’re not the most expensive pair on the market. In fact, they’re downright affordable. If you’re looking for some goggles that’ll get the job done at a low cost. These are something to check out.

At the time of this writing, they cost less than $100, and while they don’t have all the bells and whistles of the flagship goggles, the Smith Knowledge OTG has its own charm.

  1. They’ll give you clarity of sight.
  2. At a fraction of the cost.

Smith Knowledge OTG Details:

Click The Following Link To Learn More About Choosing The Right Snow Goggles if you’re wanting to learn more about goggles in general. It’s a post I wrote a while back, that goes into goggle basics.

Vision Improvements:

  • Cylindrical Carbonic-x lens: These lenses give clarity and strong impact resistance. In addition to that, the goggles have added built-in airflow technology to keep things ventilated. (this will help keep the fog away)
  • Fog-X anti-fog inner lens: This means theirs an extra layer between the lenses. The extra layer will help keep the fog away. Pair that up with the airflow technology above, and you’ll see with greater clarity all day.
  • OTG Goggles: OTG means over the glasses. This means you won’t have to worry about losing a contact lens. Instead, you can wear your glasses and keep shredding.

Comfort Improvements:

  • Integration With Smith Helmets: The Goggles are built to fully integrate with Smith helmets, this removes the spaces where wind can get in, and you won’t get as cold.
  • Extra Foam Layers: This gives the goggles a greater seal and a more comfortable fit.

While these goggles cost less, it doesn’t mean they’re cheap. They do the job you want them to do, and they do them well. By keeping your eyes protected from glare, the elements, and foreign objects, you’ll be shredding hard all day.

In Conclusion:

Whether You’re planning an epic trip to Vail, or if you’re planning a nice short trip to Afton Alps it doesn’t matter. You’ll need to have your sight, and the Knowledge OTG will do a great job with that.

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