Loveland Colorado; Ski Resort Review

Loveland Ski area is located 53 miles west of Denver, and is one of my favorite resorts to shred. It was the 4th mountain I’ve ever snowboarded on and it was an epic powder day.

When you visit loveland, there’s a couple of things you should know.

  1. It’s a family owned resort (as of the time of this writing).
  2. Their lift ticket prices are cheap. The price is comparable to a few Minneapolis Resorts.
  3. They have awesome views and amazing powder.

Is Loveland Good For Beginners?

I rode loveland on the last day of my first trip to Colorado. The day before I’d been shredding in Vail, and my feet and legs were sore. However there was something about the resort that forced me to ride hard.

I was a new snowboarder still, and had improved a lot during the week. However my mountain riding was still lacking, and my tree riding was still pretty week. In fact I’d hit my fist on a tree earlier in the week and gave myself a boxers fracture.

If you’re looking for a resort that’ll make you a better snowboarder, this is one you’ll love.

Is Loveland A Good Ski Resort?

I like the resort because it reminds me of Afton Alps in my hometown of Minneapolis. I think it’s a combination of the trees and hometown feel, but I’ve never really been certain why. It just does for me.

Every time I visit Loveland I’ve experienced these same characteristics, and that’s why it’s a good ski resort.

  1. The Lines Are Not Long. However, Maybe I’ve Been Lucky, And Haven’t Run Into Lines For Some Reason.
  2. The lift Ticket Prices Are Reasonable. Vail Is Probably Over $200 This Year For A Day Pass. While There’s Is Somewhere Around $75
  3. On The Mountain, You’ll Run Into Some Epic Terrain, And It Varies A Lot. Every Run Is A New Challenge.
  4. POWDER!!!

I love this resort, you’ll have to check it out.

What Type Of Terrain Does Loveland Have?

The resort has terrain for every skill level and ability. Be sure to know what your skill level is and ride accordingly. Check out the resort trail map here.

Beginner Terrain (Green Circles)

If you’re extremely new to snowboarding, you can take a shuttle from the main lot over to lifts 3 & 7. This area is a beginner area where you can also purchase lessons to help you perfect some shred skills.

When you’re not so green, or you’ve ridden before try out the lift called ‘Chets Dream’ or take lift 2 and then lift 6. This will give you some nice green runs and some chances to upgrade into blues.

Intermediate Terrain (Blue Squares)

If you’ve ridden mountains before and you’re just wanting a warm up, or you need some time to perfect your skills. Hitting up the blue squares will be perfect for you.

Check out the map and see where the blues are located, I’d recommend starting out on ‘Chets Dream’, and hopping on lift 2 and then 6. However if those aren’t challenging enough. You can make your way over to lift 4. Keep in mind if you go this way, that you should pay attention to signage until you know where you’re going. Otherwise you might end up on a black diamond and have not other option.

Advanced Terrain (Black Diamonds)

Finding the advanced terrain at Loveland is simple, just go higher. I believe one of the best views you’ll see is on top of chair 9. The Eisenhower tunnel is dug out beneath you, and you’ll cars exiting/entering it beneath you.

Loveland Terrain Parks

I’m not a terrain park rider, so I wasn’t super impressed with the terrain parks at Loveland. I want to experience the mountains when I’m in Colorado, but if you like them or hate them. Please Comment below.

Loveland Runs And Best Areas

My favorite area in this resort is anywhere in the trees. I’ve been there on a couple of epic powder days, and have never had an issue finding deep powder. Last time I was there some friends and I rode through a gulley, only to realize it was a frozen creek.

Find the trees, shred the powder.

Loveland Ski & Snowboard School

The resort offers a few different packages for learning how to ski & snowboard. If you’re unsure of your skill level. I’d suggest checking them out.

If you need to define your skill level. Loveland has made a nice graph to figure it out. Click Here to learn more.

For Adults:

For Children:

Lift Ticket/Season Pass Cost

The lift ticket/season pass cost is updated every year. Most of the time it goes up, and most of us wish it would go down. Either way, it’s still and epic deal compared to other resorts.

Epic Shred Stories At Loveland.

I’ve had a lot of awesome experiences at Loveland, but I think my favorite time was an epic wipeout I had in deep powder. I’d just gone off a jump and got some decent air.

However my landing wasn’t the best and for some reason I bounced, right off the next cliff. Due to this I went into a forward somersault while riding switch.

Everything went into slow motion, and I had a full view of 4 of my friends and I watched as each one wiped out slowly in my view. then my head went into the snow and I jacked my head.

I was alright, I needed a break and didn’t get a concussion at least. However seeing them all wipe out at once was epic, and I wish it was on a GoPro.

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