How To Overcome Fear While Snowboarding

Fear can be a good thing, but only if you use it correctly. In my life I’ve discovered that the trick to fear is using it to push forward. If you don’t, that’s the instant it’ll paralyze you. Fear while snowboarding will do that to you, but fighting that fear isn’t that difficult, and it involves making a choice.

Here Is A Step By Step Process To Fight Fear While Snowboarding:

  1. Identify your fear. (Give It A Label)
  2. Learn About Its Origins (Understand where it develops)
  3. Make A Plan To Defeat It

How To Identify Fear While Snowboarding & Understand Its Origins

Identifying the fear isn’t that difficult, but it does take some time connecting dots. A few years back I sustained 2 back to back concussions. There was a day in between each of them (Never snowboard with a concussion). it did leave me with some fear when I got back on my board during the next season.

In fact I couldn’t turn left anymore and all my buddies started calling me Zoolander.

So I started to ask myself, Why Can’t I Turn Left? And after awhile I realized the answer.

Both concussions I received happened when I caught the wrong edge, turning left. this helped me identify what had happened but now I needed to fix the problem.

How Do I Get Over Fear While Snowboarding? (The Plan)

Getting over the fear was a hurdle. I’m not going to lie. Whether you’re just starting out, coming back from an injury, or dropping into your first double black diamond. there’s a general fear of the slopes that’s deeper inside of you.

And that’s ok.

If you didn’t have that fear, you’re either lying or have a death wish.

The Fear Of The Slopes; Riding The Bunny Hill

For me, my plan was to go ride the bunny hill, and for 3 days I rode the bunny hill forcing myself to turn left. It was the only way I could look myself in the mirror anymore and the only way I could get back out onto the mountain.

If you’re a beginner and you’re fighting your fears. it’s good to stretch yourself, but it’s also good to pull back and practice on familiar/easier terrain.

Dial those skills in and test them on the more difficult terrain.

If you’re coming back from an injury (much like me), find an easier run. Somewhere you can breath, and have some fun.

  1. Focus on what you want to overcome.
  2. Break the move down into basic steps
  3. Repeat until comfortable.

How Do I Relax While Snowboarding? Time Builds Confidence

Confidence and relaxing will build naturally while you’re snowboarding. This of course is as long as you face your fears.

When I first started doing trips to Colorado, I found myself in Beaver Creek one day. At this particular resort they had some really steep runs, and I wanted to ride them.

I got to the top of the chairlift and was terrified, I dropped into the run, and realized that I wasn’t prepared for it. The rest of my ride down was on my heels, and it sucked.

Understand that facing your fear is going to suck.

But when I got to the bottom, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I thought, and I needed to ride it a few more times. If I did that, it would be as scary anymore.

If you’re scared to ride somewhere, get someone to go with you, but face your fear.

Do it within reason, don’t go from the bunny hill to a double black diamond and expect to live. Talk With Someone About It first.

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