Smith Prophecy OTG Goggles; The Best Bang For Your Buck

Smith Prophecy OTG Snow Goggles are of the best snowboarding goggles on the market. As long as the price is a main concern. If you’re looking to save some money and buy an extra lift ticket or two, these are a pair you should check out.

I love saving money, and if I can buy mid-range goggles for cheap, I’m super happy. There’s always another mountain to shred, make sure you can purchase a lift ticket for it.

The Smith Prophecy OTG Snow goggles have a spherical lens and ChromaPop lens tech built into them. In addition to that, you’ll have some added comforts that will make your time on the mountain feel like a breeze.

I’ll delve a little deeper into the specs below for you.

Smith Prophecy OTG Snow Goggles Table Of Contents

Smith Prophecy OTG Goggle Specs:

If you’re a little confused with some of the terminology I’m using, feel free to click the following link where I go into all other terms and teach about purchasing the right snow goggles.

Prophecy OTG Vision Improvements:

  • The Spherical Carbonic-x lens: This lens is a piece of amazing technology. It removes distortions and gives great impact resistance. This means when you’re riding through the trees. You’ll be able to see everything, and branches have less effect on the lens.
  • They Come Available With ChromaPop Lenses: In addition to the spherical lens, these babies enhance the contrast and natural color in the line of sight (whatever you see). In basic terms, this means the details will pop.
  • Fog-X anti-fog inner lens: One of the greatest banes of snowboarders everywhere is foggy lenses. I hate them so much. However, these have an anti-fog lens which gives a fog-free performance.
  • OTG Goggles: These fit over the glasses. Which means you can wear corrective lenses while shredding. No need to worry about your contacts!!!

Comfort Improvements:

  • They’re designed to integrate with Smith Helmets. This gives you comfort/venting, and fog-free performance. When the gear fits right, it makes the day go so much better.
  • They’ve added extra foam, and a comfortable strap and they have a few different sizes so you can find the perfect fit.
Smith Prophecy OTG Goggles

Smith Optics makes high-quality gear for a decent price. I’d say this is one of their more affordable pairs, and they’re high quality. I definitely love these goggles.

In other words if you’re looking for a new pair of snowboarding goggles. The Smith Prophecy OTG goggles might be your next pair.

As I stated above they are comfortable, they enhance your vision, and they are inexpensive ($120-$130 in the deals below).

I’d recommend if you have the money purchase a pair and give them a try.

Smith Prophecy OTG Wrap-Up:

Whether You’re planning an epic trip to Vail, or if you’re planning a nice short trip to Afton Alps it doesn’t matter. You’ll need to have your sight, and the Prophecy OTG will do a great job with that.

If you purchase a pair of these mid-range snow goggles, you’ll probably save enough money to purchase an extra lift ticket for the season, but probably not at Vail because they’ve gotten really expensive. But most other places.

I hope you enjoyed my latest post, I’d highly recommend getting a pair of these.

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