Ride A-10 Snowboard Binding: Epic & Responsive

The Ride A-10 Snowboard Binding Is Super Stiff And Would Be Best Utilized For All Mountain And Back Country Shredders. In Addition to that, Ride has added a ton of new technology to these bindings. When you go shredding in these, you can shred anywhere.

The Ride A-10 has a 3 piece ankle strap, which gives you a better ability to transfer power from legs to edges. Along with the power transfer, this means you’ll have quicker response times as well.

This is especially helpful when doing some backcountry tree runs

Ride A-10 Snowboard Binding

I’m hoping to get a pair of these this season before I head out to Montana. I love my Ride Capo Snowboard Bindings, but they’re getting a little old, and I need a refresh. (Sometimes I still bust out my ancient SPi bindings too)

For context, these are the bindings that I want when dropping into the back bowl in Vail, or when I’m heading to Montana for some serious backcountry riding. I don’t ride a lot of parks anymore (I’m getting old) but I think the flex would be too high for park shredding.

If you’re going to be shredding in powder (and through some trees) these are the perfect bindings for you.

The Ride A-10 Snowboard Binding

The Ride A-10 was built with back-country riders in mind. I don’t think they’ll work the greatest in the park. But this is just a generalization. Most park riders would be better off with something a little less responsive.

However, in tree runs and back country these bindings have the response you want.

Ride A-10 Snowboard Binding

Ride A-10 Features:

  • 3 Piece Ankle Straps: To better Transfer Power
  • Aluminum Disks: That Give More Flex And A Better Connection With The Snow
  • Canted Footbed: Aligns Your Joints For A Better And More Natural Feel – Less Joint stress = more shred time.
  • All Around High Tech Performance For A Precise Ride

Ride A-10 Specs:

  • Sizes: Small/Medium/Large Fits Almost Everyone
  • Colors: Black/White
  • Manufactured: From High-Grade Aluminum
  • Canted Footbeds: For Epic Joint Comfort
  • Feel: 10

Final Thoughts On The Ride A-10 Snowboard Binding:

I’ve never had a bad experience with Ride Bindings. In fact, they’ve been the only snowboard binding that I’ve ridden for the last 5 years.

I’ve tried all kinds of Burtons and other bindings, but for some reason, I keep coming back to Ride. And The Ride A-10 looks like my next upgrade.

I say this because Ride has never let me down (keep in mind I’m not paid by them). I’ve had bindings break at the top of black diamonds, or become loose in the middle of a run in Colorado.

Heck, a friend of mine lost some binding bolts one time in Colorado with me. Granted that might’ve been a user error. You gotta tighten your bolts up before shredding.

If you’re a backcountry rider, you love tree riding, or you just love cruising around the resort searching for fresh powder. The Ride A-10 Snowboard Bindings will be one of the best investments you can make. I say this because I love the way Ride bindings feel, and they are durable.

Once I get into a pair of these I’ll update this with a full experience review. Keep in mind I don’t get paid by any company to do this, I love writing about this so it’ll be my honest opinion.

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