Ride C-10 Snowboard Binding Review: Just Drop-In And Shred

The Ride C-10 packs all the bells and whistles of the A-10 Bindings but has slightly different construction materials in the base tray. The Ride C-10 is made of composite materials while the A-10 is constructed from Aluminum.

Personally, I love a solid aluminum base, but I would love to shred in a pair of these. The ride has combined some composites with an aluminum heel cup and it looks extraordinary.

I remember a few years back thinking they couldn’t do better than my pair of Capos, but I’ll consider that to be the naivety of youth.

Personally, I’ve been coming around on composite materials lately. A few years back I had a bad issue with a pair of Burton bindings, and I swore to never leave metal bases.

However, the Ride C-10 Snowboard bindings seem to be really sturdy and built well. Composites have come a long way in the last few years, and I’d highly recommend giving them a shot.

Ride C-10 Binding Features:

  • Binding Footbed: Canted for a better feel and increased comfort
  • Highback: Carbon Slimeback
  • Ankle Straps: 3 Piece Ankle Straps For Increased Comfort And To Lock In Feel
  • Chassis: C Series Performance
  • Feel: 10

One of the greatest feelings you’ll get when you’re snowboarding is dropping onto a run with deep powder, nice terrain, and no tracks.

However, if you don’t have the right gear, that beautiful run will slowly become your personal hell. I’ve been there before, I saw this awesome tree run out west, it had fresh powder, and terrain like I love to ride.

NO tracks either…

However my bindings were loose, and I think a strap was broken, so I was stuck trying to be an adult heading back to the chalet.

I can’t say this won’t happen with Ride C-10 Snowboard Bindings, but I will say it won’t happen for a long while.

Ride C-10 Specs:

  • C-Series Chassis: Aluminum And Composite Tray Combined For Maximum Comfort And Feel
  • Aluminum: Heel Cup Helps Stay Locked In
  • Response: Damp and less responsive than aluminum
  • Flex Properties: Significant changes due to changes in building materials.

Ride C-10 Bindings Conclusion:

I’d say the biggest difference between the A-10 and the C-10 is the building materials. Composite materials give slightly less response, which isn’t a bad thing if that’s your preference or you want to do some park riding. I’d say give them a try and see if you like them.

Shredding in the park takes extra finesse and with a little less response and some edge work, these bindings can make it work for you.

The Ride C-10 seems to ride (pun intended) smooth as butter, and if you choose to buy shred in these you should see a huge difference in board response and what you can do on the board.

Try to remember when jumping onto these or any new bindings, to take it easy until you have a feel for them. Don’t hyperextend your back as I did a few years back.

I hope my recent blog post gave you some good information to think about. I try my best to give you all the best and most relevant information possible whenever I’m writing.

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ride C-10 snowboard bindings

Happy shredding!

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