Ride El Hefe Snowboard Bindings. There’s Only 1 Boss

The Ride El Hefe Snowboard Binding Is A Wonderful Creation. It’s an all mountain snowboard that has amazing response and speed. While it’s heavier than many of its competitors (due to the aluminum build) it maintains its stiffness and response for the same reason.

The aluminum build will last a long time, but eventually the binding straps tend to wear out. It isn’t a horrible issue, usually they’re stretched out, or don’t clasp properly. However it takes a long time for that to happen. I ride 40+ times a year and have only had this issue once, and ride sold replacement parts for them. So it was an awesome win for me.

Ride El Hefe Stats:

  • Flex: 4
  • Comfortability: 4
  • Turn Initiation: 4
  • Binding Adjustments: 4
  • Stance Adjustments: 3
  • Ratchet System: 3.5
  • Shock Absorbing: 3.5

Aggregate Score: 3.71

Over the last few years I’ve ridden on an old pair of capo’s or the even older spi that ride used to make (not to mention the countless burton bindings I’ve used). The Ride El Hefe is the top of the food chain when it comes to snowboard bindings.

Personally I like the aluminum base of the bindings, while it does make my setup slightly heavier. It makes things more reliable. I’m a bigger guy and I got really sick of plastic fatigue. The aluminum doesn’t have issues, at least nothing I’ve ever found anyway.

Ride Binding Basic Info:

  • Colors: Black
  • Sizes: M,L,XL
  • Riding Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Quick Release: No
  • FootBed: Wedgie (These are so comfortable and fit the natural angle of your feet/knees)
  • Feel: 8 

I’ve been trying to fit a pair of these onto my Burton Custom X for a long time, however that snowboard is too old for the new configuration (It’s the old M5 Channel).

In conclusion these bindings are going to keep you comfortable and give you an awesome response. I’d highly recommend them as I’d recommend any ride binding.

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