Ride Fame Snowboard Bindings | For Ladies Who Love To Shred The Mountain

The Ride Fame Snowboard Binding is a women’s Freeride snowboard binding. Ride bindings are built for ladies who know where they’re going and what they’re getting into on the mountain.

While they do have the highest price tag in the Ride lineup, you get a lot for what you’re paying for. The bindings are a bit stiffer then the average park rider would prefer, but these are made specifically for back county and all mountain shredding. This is where they’ll excel.

If you’re into deep powder, shredding trees, or tearing up a bowl, these bindings were made for you. The aluminum construction, high end straps, and wedgie foot pads will give you fast responsive, epic control, and comfort.

Ride Fame Stats:

  • Comfortability: 4
  • Binding Adjustments: 3.5
  • Stance Adjustments: 3.5
  • Ratchet System: 3.5
  • Shock Absorbing: 4.0

Aggregate Score: 3.7

The Ride Fame was given a comfortability score of 4, because these bindings tend to meld with your boots giving off an uncanny feeling of connectedness to the snowboard. It’s a great feeling to have, not all bindings are created equal.

We gave binding and stance a 3.5, but debated about giving them a 4. I still might go back and change it. However the adjustments are incremental, and are something you can play with later.

Ratchet system, while I love the ride ratchets, I tend to have problems with them. Every so often a chunk of ice gets caught in them, and I spend 10 minutes knocking it out so I can strap in again. However this only happens to me in Minnesota, and during certain conditions. It might not even be an issue for you, and it doesn’t happen often to me.

Shock absorbing was given a 4.0. This is because the wedgie footbeds are a game changer. When I first learned about these I wondered if they would be as good they were marketed to me. However they’re better. They are shaped to ergonomically line up with your knees. It’s pretty comfortable.

Ride Binding Basic Info:

  • Colors: Sunset/Black
  • Sizes: S/M
  • Quick Release: No
  • FootBed: Wedgie 2.5 (These are comfortable and fit the natural stance of your feet/ankle/knees/hips)
  • Feel: 6

If you’re looking for a snowboard to match up. Check out my list below. The list contains all GNU boards as the corona stopped me from checking other snowboard companies and boards out. I’ll be remedying this soon as next season is just around the corner.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an epic pair of hard charging snowboard bindings that will take you anywhere on the mountain you want to go. Then look no further. Ride makes excellent bindings, and the only reason I know, is because I use them.

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