Ride KX Snowboard Bindings. Every Shredder Starts Somewhere.

The Ride KX Snowboard binding is built for freestyle riding. They are an entry level binding for ride so if you’re trying to save some money or just getting started, these would be an awesome steel for you to get. Especially at the time of writing this article.

These binding will excel anywhere from the back country to the park, however make sure you ride in your skill lever, and shred with some friends. It makes life a whole lot easier.

I always recommend getting a decent pair of snowboard boots prior to upgrading your bindings. However if you’re in limbo and you want something good for a low price. These are excellent in quality, and will last a long time.

Ride KX Stats

  • Comfortability: 3.5 There’s Some small issues with the toe strap. It’s not comfortable, but not uncomfortable. It’s hard to explain it just didn’t work with my DC Scouts well.
  • Binding Adjustments: 4
  • Stance Adjustments: 3.5
  • Ratchet System: 4
  • Shock Absorbing: 4

Aggregate Score: 3.8

Keep in mind these are entry level bindings, however Ride manufactures excellent bindings, and they last a long time. One of my older boards has a pair of Ride SPi’s and their probably a decade old now.

Ride Binding Basic Info:

  • Colors: Black/Forest/Mustard
  • Sizes: M,L,XL
  • Quick Release: No
  • FootBed: Wedgie 2.5 (These are comfortable and fit the natural stance of your feet/ankle/knees/hips)
  • Feel: 2

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