Ride LXH Snowboard Bindings; Designed For Deep Powder And Cruising

The Ride LXH Snowboard Binding is built for women who freeride. Whether you’re searching for deep powder, that epic tree run, or just cruising the back country. A pair of Ride LXH bindings will help you experience the mountain.

These bindings have a soft flex for riders of all ability levels and are one of the more inexpensive models that ride currently offers. Don’t be fooled by the price though. This year ride added Astroglyde ratchets which are built for durable performance, and the bindings themselves are made with epic precision.

Lets get into some of the stats for the LXH bindings.

Ride LXH Binding Stats

  • Comfortability: 4
  • Binding Adjustments: 4
  • Stance Adjustments: 3.5
  • Ratchet System: 4
  • Shock Absorbing: 3.5

Aggregate Score: 3.5

Ride bindings are built for comfort and precision. They’ve also developed a new ratchet design, which I wrote about earlier. This is to help reduce binding/strap issues while on the mountain.

With the new bindings, you might be needing a new snowboard as well. Below I’ve added links to some GNU women’s snowboards articles that I’ve written. These would all meld well with the Ride LXH snowboard bindings.

GNU Womens Snowboards:

I have to give my usual disclaimer here. Just because they are the same style doesn’t mean you’ll love them together. Take my advice as a jumping off point, and do your own testing.

However, I will say that I love GNU snowboards, and they’ve never let me down.

Ride Women’s Binding Info:

  • Colors: Black/Rose
  • Sizes: S/M
  • Quick Release: No
  • FootBed: Wedgie 2.5 (These are comfortable and fit the natural stance of your feet/ankle/knees/hips)
  • Feel: 3

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an epic pair of snowboard bindings where you can freeride all over the mountain, and you’re not looking to break the bank (life tickets are expensive). The LXH snowboard bindings might be perfect for you.

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