Smith 4D Mag Goggles; Clarity When You Need It Most

The Smith 4D Mag Snow Goggle is a beast to be reckoned with. These are the flagship goggle that they’ve created and they look extremely sexy.

With the ability to choose between 8 different frame colors and 10 different lens colors. You’ll be able to find your style, and see everything on the mountain whether you’re in Vail or a smaller resort like Afton Alps.

4D Mag Details:

First off we’ll talk about the vision because that’s why you’re buying goggles anyway right? If you need to understand different lens colors, I’ve written a blog about choosing the correct goggle lens. Click on the link to check it out. I’m sure it’ll give you some needed information.

The Smith MAG:

You’ve probably seen someone on the mountain with these and became instantly jealous. Usually, they reach into their pocket and peel of their current lens. Then they slap the new lens on and their back snowboarding before you can lift your jaw off the ground.

You just saw the MAG system. Other companies have developed a similar system (see my Anon Goggles Review If you don’t believe me). However, I’m a huge fan of these.

The MAG System holds lenses onto the goggle frame using strategically placed magnets. You’d think there’d be gaps then right? Not on your life, they have built these goggles with precision, and strength.

In addition to that, they’ve got ChromaPop lenses. The smith website states the lenses enhance contrast and natural color to make the details pop. Clever right? I’ve gotten to use a pair or two of these, and they really work. I was shocked at the difference in clarity, and how everything literally popped out at me.

BirdsEye Vision: This gives you perfect peripheral vision. Much like a bird, except your eyes aren’t going to be on the sides of your head. Unlike many other goggles, these give you a wider range of views.

I could go into the frame of the Smith 4D MAG Goggles as well, but all I’m going to say is they’re comfortable. I’ve looked at them, worn them, and read all the scripts. They fit well, and they feel great.

How much more can you be asking for.

In Conclusion

I’m a huge fan of the Smith 4D MAG Goggles, and I need to have a pair of my own this next season. Because they are definitely worth the price.

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