Smith I/O MAG Snow Goggles; Total Clarity On The Mountain.

The Smith I/O MAG Snow Goggle is becoming my favorite goggle for use on the mountain. Maybe it’s the spherical lens ( I can’t get over this) or possible it’s just how beautiful they look.

Either way, I’m getting myself a pair of these for next season.

The goggles themselves are high-end smith goggles, and they integrate with all smith helmets. I snowboard a lot in the Minneapolis area, and it gets really cold here. Good helmet/goggle integration is a lifesaver on a -15 degree day.

Recently I wrote a review on the Smith 4D MAG Snow goggle, and I feel like these have pulled ahead in how I like them.

Smith I/O MAG Details:

These goggles have the technology that smith has developed in them already, however, I’m going to break down the vision items below.

Vision Improvements:

  • Smith MAG: This is a quick lens change system. It involves strategically placed magnets where you can instantly switch lens colors and types. So you don’t waste time doing it the old way.
  • Spherical Carbonic-x Lens: This gives you distortion-free optics and impact resistance. This almost makes your site better when wearing them.
  • 5X Anti-Fog Inner Lens: I love this, it’s trademarked by Smith Optics, and it almost guarantees that your lenses won’t fog up. Keep in mind nothing is perfect, but these work extremely well.
  • Available With ChromaPop: This is something you’ll have to double-check prior to purchase, as some models have it and some don’t. But this helps enhance contrast and makes the details on the mountain pop. I love wearing these.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, the Smith I/O MAG are probably my favorite pair of snow goggles by Smith Optics. Do you think we got it right? Let us know below down in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe. We’ve also posted some epic deals we’ve found on Amazon for these, so don’t forget to check those out as well. Full Disclosure, we make a small commission from every purchase from the links to Amazon below.

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