Smith Range Goggles; Extra Clarity For Epic Shredding.

Smith Range Goggles are a baseline model. I know that doesn’t sound very sexy, and you might wanna jump over to my review of the 4D Mag Goggles or another pair. However, don’t be too hasty. These will protect your eyes, and help you have an epic day, all for a cheaper price.

I’ll go into more detail below but these goggles are comfortable, have some great tech in them, and they’re affordable. Spend money on lift tickets, not more gear.

Smith Range Goggles: Skip To What You Want
Smith Range Goggles

When you save money on gear you have more money for lift tickets, which means you can shred more in a season. Why purchase something with a lot of gimmicks when you can buy something that works?

I’ve bought expensive gear that breaks really fast, and I’ve bought some cheap gear I’m still using today. The trick is to find a good company that sells quality products

That’s where Smith comes in. The Smith Range Goggles are a great daily driver for beginners and advanced shredders alike.

The goggles come with a cylindrical lens. Which means they curve horizontally across your face. While some people see this as a drawback, The Smith Range goggles have reduced glare because of this.

Having a good set of goggles that you can get scratched up is imperative for an epic season. I love the more expensive ones, but I’m always scared that I’ll damage them when I go out.

This is why I love these Smith Range Goggles, they just work, and they do it for a fraction of the price.

Smith Range Goggles

Smith Range Goggles Specs

Vision Improvements:

  • Cylindrical Carbopnic-x lens: This style of the lens gives extra clarity and protection for your eyes. With added impact resistance your eyes will be well taken care of with a pair of these.
  • Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner Lens: An inner lens gives you added fog protection and will keep you fog-free on many days of shredding.

The lens gives you great clarity and the anti-fog helps you see through everything. I love a good lens but anti-fog is where things are at for me. I can’t tell you how many times my goggles fog up on me, and it sucks riding without them.

I like to ride fast and it doesn’t help when I can’t see what’s ahead of me due to watery eyes.

Comfort Improvements:

  • Designed for Ultimate Integration With Most Smith Helmets
  • Extra Foam To Give Comfort And Connection To Your Face

Anybody who’s ridden for hours on end knows that an uncomfortable will never be worn again. That’s why the Smith Range Goggles have extra foam so your face doesn’t freeze or get damaged. Also since Smith made these goggles to integrate with their helmets, you won’t have to face the dreaded helmet gap.

Smith Range Goggles will be lighter on your wallet, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do the job or you won’t look as awesome. The main thing you’ll want is to be able to see and to protect your eyes (especially for me when I shred in the trees).

Smith Range Goggles

Whether You’re planning an epic trip to Vail, or if you’re planning a nice short trip to Afton Alps it doesn’t matter. You’ll need to have a good line of sight, and the Smith Range Goggles will do a great job with that.

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