Smith Skyline Snow Goggles; A Widescreen View Of The Mountain

The Smith Skyline Snow Goggle gives you a boost to your vision. You’ll have full peripheral vision, and see everything perfectly. if you add the ChromaPop lenses, you’ll make an epic improvement to your everyday vision.

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Smith Optics is one of my favorite Goggle Companies. I’m double checking things but they don’t seem to be owned by a larger company Like Anon, (although I’m a fan of them too).

In the goggle world, you’re going to get what you paid for. When you buy an inexpensive pair of goggles the quality will diminish year after year really fast.

Smith Skyline Details:

Vision Improvements:

  • The Spherical Carbonix-x lens: It will give you distortion-free optics and impact resistance. (spherical lenses match the lenses of your eyes the best)
  • Fog-X anti-fog inner lens: This gives you fog-free performance. I love anti-fog technology, it’s one of the best inventions for goggles.
  • Available with ChromaPop Lens: The ChromaPop lens enhances the contrast and natural color. Basically, this makes the details pop.

Comfort Improvements:

  • They’re designed to integrate with Smith Helmets. This gives you comfort/venting, and fog-free performance. When the gear fits right, it makes the day go so much better.
  • They’ve added extra foam, a comfortable strap, and they have a few different sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

With these goggles you’ll have a full field of vision, and the clarity will almost be better than what your eyes are offering you. Granted you probably won’t be able to tell at that point, but it’s pretty epic.

In Conclusion:

I’m a huge fan of spherical goggles whenever I’m on the mountain. They fit my field of vision better than cylindrical ones, and I don’t have as much eyestrain.

If you’re looking for a new set of goggles and you like the wide view, these are definitely worth checking out. I’d highly recommend getting a pair and trying them out for yourself.

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