How Should Snowboard Bindings Fit? Feel Locked In Every Time You Shred The Mountain.

The way Snowboard Bindings Fit is a very important piece to the shred puzzle. When you’re out snowboarding you’ll want quick responses between your board and your feet.

Obviously, your boots are important to this connection as well. However, I propose that bindings are a bit more important than boots.

My reasoning is from this; boots go inside the binding, and can have a little more play. If you have any play in your bindings, you’re going to have a bad time.

How Snowboard Bindings Should Fit?

Snowboard Bindings come in a few different sizes, small, medium, and large. (probably X-large as well). Read the side of your binding box, and you should see a graph that will tell you what size you’ll need to buy. There will be some variance, as different styles of bindings will be different sizes, but it shouldn’t be a huge one.

To adjust the snowboard binding fit, you’ll have to make an adjustment to your straps. Because every company has a different way of doing it, I can’t really go into all of them.

Ride Bindings have some plastic switches.

A lot of Burton Bindings Have a screw in place

You’ll want to adjust the binding so the boot is secure, adjust the upper binding that goes over your heel to be secure, but not tight. You don’t wanna lose the feeling in your toes.

Make sure you feel locked in, and ready to go.

How The Bindings Actually Work.

Bindings are power converters. They take the power from your body and transfer it to the snowboard edge. They also do a great job of keeping your connection to the snowboard. Which is pretty important for snowboarding.

Which Snowboard Bindings Should I Get?

If you’re a beginner at snowboarding, you should check out my Snowboard Binding Purchase Guide. However, if you’re wanting an answer quickly.

Does Snowboard Binding Size Matter?

Believe it or not, size does matter, but on in regards to proper fit. If you’re wearing size 12 boots and using small bindings, things are gonna suck for you.

If you’re on the borderline that’s fine, but make sure you don’t go to the extremes.

I hope you liked my latest post, don’t forget to let me know in the comments below if I missed anything.

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