Are Snowboard Boots Comfortable To Walk-In? They’re A Lot Better Than Ski Boots.

It’s an age-old question that every snowboarder knows the answer to. Are snowboard boots comfortable to walk in? I would say yes. That might be the definitive answer to most people, however, there’s a deeper answer to this question. And I think they need to be looked at.

Snowboard Boots Are Comfortable, Just like Skate Shoes.

If you look into the history of snowboarding you’ll understand that skateboarding is closely related to it. My opinion, (and I’ve got boots to prove it) is that snowboard boots are developed directly from skate shoes.

Not gonna lie, I’ve always loved a good pair of DC Shoes.

Think about it, whenever you see a snowboard boot, you’ll see something with a lot of padding and a lot of stitching. They are extremely durable. I still have my original pair of DC Judges and I bought them over a decade ago. They work extremely well to this day. (minus the packing out).

If you hold a pair of skate shoes next to a pair of snowboard boots you’ll see the similar design aspect of them.

They are completely different than ski boots, I’ll be honest, ski boots are painful to wear and walk on. I have no desire to wear ski boots because everyone I know hates wearing them. Even the people who love to ski.

Does this mean they have the wrong size? Or Something wrong with their feet? I don’t know.

All I know is that I have no issues running up and downstairs, down the street, or whatever comes up with my snowboarding boots.

The Boots Have A Break In Period.

I’ve written in other posts about this, but snowboard boots (like most boots) do have a break-in period. This means they won’t be as comfortable right out of the box.

However after going out in them for a few days. You’ll notice the comfort factor.

A couple of things that’ll help with the break in period.

  • Always have your old boots ready, that means in the car, chalet, or somewhere you can make a quick change. Otherwise, you can be in a world of hurt.
  • Don’t do the extreme shredding on the first few rides you go with them. You’ll need to develop the creases and soften them up a little prior to shredding.
  • Take your time, and know that it will happen eventually.

I hope you liked my latest blog post. Let me know in the comments below if I got it right or wrong. Have a great day!!!

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