Snowboard Camber Profile; Finding The Shape That’ll Shred The Mountain.

A Snowboard Camber Profile is the shape of the snowboard when it lays on it’s side.

There can be anywhere from 4-6 different camber profiles, however, the last three I’ll talk about are hybrids of the first 3. There are a lot of combinations and each one has its strengths and weaknesses.

Your best bet is to find out what type of Snowboarder you are going to be, and then look at the positives and negatives associated with them.

So What Snowboard Camber Profile Is Best?

There are still some people who ask this question, even after they read my previous paragraph. There’s no straight answer. I will say for someone just starting out, the basic snowboard camber is a good profile for the budding shredder.

Anything beyond that, is just personal preference and it will be impossible to answer for everybody.

Can A Snowboard Lose Its Camber?

Snowboard Camber will be lost if left on a flat service for long periods of time.

The Traditional Snowboard Camber Profile:

A traditional snowboard (most of them today) will have a camber fittingly called a camber. This means the snowboard is an extremely stretched W (width-wise) There will be a slight raise in between the bindings and the ground/surface will be touched around the bindings (depending on your setting).

The nose and tail of the snowboard will then curl upward.

I wrote above that this was the best profile for a budding snowboarder. This will keep your edges in contact with the snow without you digging into it, and it’s really good for control.

It’s a basic all around profile, and it’s good setup even for expert riders.

Rocker Profile:

The Rocker is the complete opposite of the camber profile. A rocker is shaped like a U only stretched out. This keeps the edges from digging in and catching, however, they do have a different feel if you’re an inexperienced shredder.

The only place touching the ground is between your feet on this snowboard, unless you’ve strapped in but there is a difference. This means they have quick and easy turn initiation and give really good spinning capabilities.

Hybrid Camber Profile

The Hybrid Camber is an interesting profile. It’s a combination of the basic camber and the rocker camber. My GNU Riders Choice is one of these.

I love this snowboard and feel like my turning improved, it had more pop, and it is an all-around epic shred board. I use it for powder days and tree riding. It excels wherever I’ve ridden on it…except the park, but I suck at park riding.

Hybrid Rocker Profile:

Personally, I’ve never ridden on one of these, however, I believe these boards will have the quick and easy turn initiation of the rocker profile while retaining the speed/energy of the camber profile.

Flat Camber

I personally think this one is kinda boring, while they do stand between camber and rocker snowboards they tend to be used in park scenarios more. They have the skill of rockers and cambers but are masters of neither.

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