Why Snowboard With A Backpack? Does It Really Help?

Have you ever been to the local ski resort and seen someone on a snowboard with a backpack? Here in Minnesota, I’ll see it from time to time, and before I went west it would annoy me.

Whether you’re at Afton Alps or another resort in the city. You’re probably gonna be around 10 minutes from your car, and 30 seconds from the top of the hill to the nearest chalet.

So Why Snowboard with A Backpack?

In Minnesota, there’s not a lot of use to shred with a backpack. After all, you’re only 3 minutes from a chalet on the longest run in the state. However, I will snowboard with a backpack when I’m trying to get used to a new setup. For me, this means I’m planning a trip to the “real” mountains, and I want to know how my gear feels.

When out in Vail, Beavercreek, or whitefish, you won’t have the luxury of being near a chalet, and walking through Vail village to grab a sandwich out of your car is annoying.

So having a backpack (and a Camelbak) when on a huge ski resort will make things ideal.

However, there’s also a breed of people in the Midwest, that like to ride with backpacks. Personally, I think these people are weird. Carrying stuff that isn’t packed correctly can set you off balance, distract you with noise, and be a general nuisance.

to each their own I guess.

What Should I have When I Snowboard With A Backpack?

I’ll speak generally here, for the most part, it’ll change depending on where you’re shredding. Resort shredding is a lot easier than the backcountry.

This won’t be an exhaustive list, however, I think it’ll be a good start for you.

Resort Shredding.

  • My Camelbak. (It might not be in the bag but it’s on your back)
  • I like to have some snacks.
  • A couple of sandwiches.
  • Other Drinks That Might Be Needed.
  • Layers If Needed
  • Dry Gloves/Socks

For backcountry shredding you probably want everything above, maybe something to dig in the snow with, and some avalanche gear. Keep in mind this list isn’t exhaustive, and for safety gear, in the backcountry, you’ll wanna get outfitted with a proper pack.

That being said, snowboard backpacks are definitely something to utilize, it just depends on where and how comfortable you are with them.

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