Why I Love Snowboarding

Close your eyes and picture yourself on the peak of a snow covered mountain. The wind is blowing around you and the powder is fresh all the way down. There is only one way off the summit, and it involves you snowboarding through a grove of trees.

If that sentence is terrifying, you probably need to read my blog about facing your fear, but if you got excited. We should shred together sometime this season.

Being on my snowboard has helped me out of crazy situations, and it’s also been a crutch ( I used it to escape dealing with some personal issues). However I finally made the right choices, and for some reason I keep going back. I’ve also began teaching and training everyone around me. I’ve even had dreams about it in July.

and I agree that is a bit excessive.

Without Further Ado, Here’s why I Love Snowboarding:

Snowboarding Releases My Stress

My life tends to get crazy, most of the time I get myself into trouble and I have to find a way out. However I realized in my early teens that stress makes me lose my focus and I can’t do anything once I shut down.

I realized early on that physical activity will help me readjust and I’m able to think clearly. Snowboarding does that for me in the winter.

Snowboard In Beaver Creek
My Annual Shred Trip

***Side Noter, During The Summer I Bike, Play Sand Volleyball, And Work Docks/Construction Jobs To Destress***

It Keeps Me In Shape Over The Winter

For those of us living in Minnesota during the winter. It’s hard to keep off those extra pounds that Thanksgiving, Christmas, And New Years give us. The lack of physical activity and holiday treats can wreck havoc on our health. (probably a decent cause of obesity too).

Instead of sitting at home and eating, I go snowboarding. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that I don’t eat the holiday treats, I just work out more.

God knows how much I love Egg Nog and Cheesecake…

Mountain Snowboarding Is Breathtaking

I live in Minneapolis and we don’t have mountains here. Instead we have something smaller called hills (It sucks but you gotta make do). I’ve gone to Colorado and Washington for the last decade to shred, and every time I do the beauty is breathtaking.

I’ve literally stopped in mid run because the beauty of the mountains was to great for me to handle.

Snowboarding In The Mountains
A Familiar Site

And pictures won’t do it justice…

It’s A Challenge,

Right out of college I went into the sales field, and didn’t like it. Afterwards I went into Project Management, and had issues there too. Then I realized that I was bored with everything. I wanted a challenge, and I learned it because of how I shredded.

I grew bored of my jobs because it was the same thing day after day, and now that I run SnoFall Gear I get to do what I like, everyday.

It challenges me, but doesn’t break me. If you’re not being challenged everyday, you need to make a change.

Snowboarding Brings Friends Together

I was trying to come up with a stupid saying for this last headline, but, “Snowboarding is Friendship.” Seemed too stupid.

I love being around people and getting to know everyone around me. With Snowboarding I get to do that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped into a bowl with a bunch of friends behind me, or how many times I’ve wiped out playing king of the mountain.

Whatever you do in this life, isn’t legendary. Unless your friends are there to see it.

Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

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