SPY Goggles; See Everything On The Mountain, And Look Good Shredding It.

I’ve had a couple pairs of Spy goggles and my current ones are for night riding. I’m not one to get multiple lenses and switch them out. It makes me mad (I’m looking into the magnetic ones).

However, I’ve always liked Spy as a company and decided to write a review about them. This will be a little different than my post about choosing the right goggles. If you need to learn about choosing lenses and goggle styles, I suggest you check that post out.

The Spy Goggle Lens:

At first glance I didn’t think anything of the lens. It was a piece of plastic that didn’t look like much.

The lens itself was yellow, and I saw that it would shield my eyes.

I purchased these goggles because my old Anons had scratched lens and the straps had worn out. (I’d owned them at least 7 years).

They also fogged up on me regularly.

I needed new night lenses and these were the right price and look.

The first time I put them on the sun was setting, and it blew my mind. I could see everything and the cuts and turns on the hill stood out like it was daylight.

It’s been that way every time I’ve gone shredding.

Spy Goggles Durability:

I’ve been riding with these goggles all season, and I’ve seen these spy goggles be very durable. There’s been times that the lenses should scratched and they didn’t.

In addition to that, I’ve never experienced any fogging. They just work and it’s amazing!!!

I can’t speak for years down the road with them, but after one season for a decent price, I’m super happy with them.

The Googles Headstrap:

These spy goggles come with a fully adjustable head strap. I place mine over my helmet and there’s room to spare. It’s nice to have that.

In addition to that, the strap is extremely comfortable, and fitting. I don’t thing it’ll wear out anytime soon, but I’ll update as I go.

The goggles themselves are what I’d call an inexpensive option. They run more expensive than Zionor Goggles but I think they fit a good demographic.

In 2 years I’ll be able to say if they’re more durable or not, however my last pair last 7, while Zionor only lasted 2 (Zionor is half the price, check out my link above).

All in all, Spy Goggles are well built, durable, and they’re worth the price.

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