The Best Lens Color For Snowboarding On A Sunny Day

Shredding on a Sunny day (or bluebird day) is a dream any snowboarder would love. It’s a dream that most people have right next to a powder day.

Alright so I got a little carried away on that one. Hands down I’d trade almost anything for a good powder day.

But if you can’t have powder, at least you can have a sunny day.

What Color Lenses Are Best For A Sunny Day?

Snowboarding Goggle Lenses That Have A VLT That Is Less than 25 Will Work Best For Sunny Days.

Fun Fact: VLT Stands For Visual Light Transmission.

Think of this in the same way you view a pair of sunglasses. On a sunny day you’ll want a pair that makes things darker, and they help you see better.

However the lower the VLT the less you’ll be able to see. I prefer to keep my goggles in the 15-25 range, but you’ve gotta do what’s best for you in the conditions you’re going to be riding in.

How Do They Affect Your Vision?

Goggles do great things. They block the wind and the sun from damaging your eyes. However if you have an improper lens it’s all for nothing because you won’t see what you’re about to hit.

Personally, I like to wear a pair of Zionor snow goggles. They have a mirror covering on the outside and are spherical in shape. The lens itself has a darker tint. (I think they’re in the low 20 range)

Ive noticed the tint itself will help see different aspect of terrain but it shouldn’t warp your view of things. Usually that is the shape of the goggle lens.

However that being said. Different colors will show/hide different features. I don’t see a ton of issues with tinted Goggles on a sunny day (they just make things darker and less blinding). However on cloudy days or during the night I will see some changes with different color goggles.

To learn more about goggles and which ones are the best for you. Check out my blog post where I made a goggle purchase guide.

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